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Christmas Gifts For Gamers: Best Ideas For Newbies

Buying gifts for gamers isn’t easy. Typically gamers are very particular with the specifications of their hardware and accessories. But, then again, there’s much more to games than meets the eye. Dig deeper, and you’ll find a plethora of merchandise and collectibles that every gamer wants. Even if you’re not a gamer, don’t worry because there’s a bunch of gamer gift ideas here for you that fit any type of gamer friend of yours.

Christmas Gifts For Gamers: Best Ideas For Newbies

  1. Nintendo Switch ($299)

The Nintendo Switch takes you back to classics while bringing in modern games. With surprises like Mario and indie games, the Switch surely knows how to tug the hearts of gamers and make console gaming fun again.

  1. 2. Super NES Classic ($79)

This classic sprung up in sales for Nintendo when it was released which was beyond the expectations of Nintendo. It’s tough to get a hold of one, so race to the toy store to buy one or quickly find someone who’s selling theirs.

  1. Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset ($79)

The G633 has surround sound that makes you feel like you’re in the game. It completely immerses anyone who uses it into the game and makes it easier for the gamer to communicate with teammates or enemies. Noise from roommates are cancelled out as well. So, your gamer friend no longer needs to worry about extra noise from roommates.

  1. Xbox One Chatpad Keyboard Keypad ($34)

When you vitally need to send a message, type it out using this portable mini keyboard from Xbox. It’s a convenient yet stylish accessory to add to your gamer’s desk.

  1. Game Boy Coffee Canister ($34) and Gameboy Style Coaster ($2)

How cool can drinking from a game boy be? This brings you all the way back to when you owned one as a kid. Now, it holds coffee – the drink you need most as an adult. Pair the canister up with a Gameboy Style Coaster to complete the look.

Christmas Gifts For Gamers: Best Ideas For Newbies

  1. Arcade1Up ($299)

Feeling a bit generous, then you can gift a full-sized arcade cabinet. The arcade cabinets feature different kinds of games like Rampage, Street Fighter, Galaga, Asteroids and Centipede. It’s around 4 feet tall, so make sure you make room for it. You can also have fun assembling it together with your gamer friend.

  1. Fortnite PS4 ($39)

Delve into the world during the zombie apocalypse. With Fortnite, you can battle zombies with different characters. It includes a 100-player PvP mode as well for Xbox, PS4, PC, and Mac.

  1. Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset ($249)

With the rise of virtual reality games, the Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset can be an excellent gift for your gamer. It features a virtual reality headset with built-in display and can track motion.

  1. Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus ($59)

Is your gamer friend a fan of Pokemon? If they are, they’ll surely get psyched and hooked with the Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus. Similar to the app Pokemon GO, this bracelet lets you “catch ’em all” without having to look at your smartphone. Automatically, the watch will alert you when you’re within range of a PokeStop. You could be catching Pokemon like Ash in no time.

  1. Xbox Wireless Controller – White ($50)

This wireless controller makes the life of your gamer a little bit easier and gives him more space to move around. It’s something nice, yet your friend might want but not be willing to buy. This setup also provides the gamer with more flexibility for multiplayer matches.

  1. LG 29-inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor ($284)

The 29-inch Ultrawide monitor gives the gamer a more cinematic experience. To provide them with the fullest experience, giving the LG 29-inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor would be a great surprise for them.

  1. Gaming Gift Cards – Xbox, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, Steam, or Amazon ($50)

Still in doubt, not sure what to give your gamer friend? Maybe you can’t pinpoint which to get. Why not let your friend decide? With a gift card, you’ll never go wrong.

That’s the end of the list with all the best accessories and other stuff to help gamers conquer both the virtual and real world. Hope one of these gift ideas make your gamer friend psyched.

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