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The Top Budget Headsets For Gaming – What Are The Best Gaming Headsets You Can Get For Less That $100?

Gaming has transformed severely over the years and it has grown from a little cult group of dedicated followers to a full blown worldwide sensation. Gaming is cooler than ever and those that consider themselves hardcore gamers like to take everything to the top and make sure they have the very best experience when playing a video game. That doesn’t just mean having the best PC out there or the best setup for games, but also having the best headsets which will enhance your audio experience. Having a bad pair of headphones that don’t even have a mic incorporated can be a real disadvantage when playing online multiplayer games for example. It’s not exactly crippling but it definitely impacts your gaming experience in a negative way. That being said, many people are looking for a guide on the best headsets they can be for less than $100, because not everyone can afford to dump all their month’s budget into a headset. So here are the top choices for gaming headsets that will provide you with excellent quality without ripping a hole through your life savings.

HyperX Cloud II

If you are looking to spend less than $100 on a headset, this might be the right choice for you. Even though you can definitely find headsets that are priced higher, you will have a harder time finding headsets that have a higher quality. This products it one of Kingston’s masterpieces and it is available for a fairly reasonable sum.

HyperX Cloud II

That being said, it’s important to note that Kingston looks at this headset as a high end product, so keep that in mind when considering the purchase. One of the greatest attributes that come with this headset is the fact that the user doesn’t begin to feel discomfort after long period of time in which the headset was used. It comes with virtual surround sound tech as well, so the audio experience will definitely blow you out of this world. It’s not just great for video games but also for watching and enjoying movies to the max. On the microphone side, it comes with noise cancellation technology which is very important in online gaming since you don’t want everybody in the call to hear someone yell something embarrassing from across the room in your home.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo

As the name suggests, this headset has been designed with Sony’s gaming console in mind. However, just because it favors the PS4 doesn’t mean that it’s the only system that it’s going to be compatible with. In fact, you can use it with pretty much anything and it will work just fine.  The complete package that comes with the product is full of all kinds of goodies such as separate charging and audio cables, a wireless adapter and even a special traveling pouch which you can use on the road. It also comes with 7.1 surround audio which makes it great for those that really love their surround sound.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo

The nice design makes it so the headset doesn’t become cumbersome to wear after a long period of time and you can continue using it just as comfortably as the first couple of minutes. There is a problem however when it comes to comfort, and that’s the fact that this headset doesn’t come with adjustable size options, so you’re limited to the standard head size. If you have just the right head size however, this headset will be very comfortable to wear and very efficient in its audio delivery.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro

First we’ve checked out a PS4 headset and now it’s time to look at this Xbox One designed headset. It comes with multiple goodies that will make the product that much more enjoyable such as the microphone which can be removed if it’s not needed. That’s a great feature to have, as there are many moments where you don’t have a mic and you could really use one, or you do have one but you could really go without it. It comes with a USB cable which helps you connect it and also an audio controller which helps you always be in charge of the audio settings for the device.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Pro

The headset is constructed with memory foam and synthetic leather so you can expect a great deal of comfort coming from these headphones which also feature EQ presets. More than that, the fact that it was designed with gaming in mind can be noticed for what is one of its more premium features that goes by the name Superhuman Hearing Option. This option allows you to hear even the lightest of footsteps and the very rumbling of leaves as your opponent tries to make their way behind you. These headphones will definitely give you a competitive edge in multiplayer games.

Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless RGB

This headset is a little fancier than the others. A factor that works greatly in that capacity is the lighting mechanic that is incorporated into the headset. To be more precise, it comes with an RGB lighting that makes the headset light up according to what color you wish to see on any particular day.

There is something striking about the design of these headphones as well. While most headsets come with rounded ear pads, this product comes with ear pads that are designed to look like human ears.  Since that’s the shape most human ears have, it can be expected that this headset fits just right for most people. And just if that isn’t enough to convince you, it also comes with a flexible headband that works towards the same purpose of seeing you enjoy the product.

The headset is dedicated to immersion on an audio level and makes sure that players feel like they’re in the world of the game they’re playing. Needless to say, the headset provides excellent audio and is among the best headset choices available.

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