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11 Essential Gaming Desk Accessories You Need As A Diehard Gamer

Gaming accessories have been in existence since the introduction of the first game. Today the accessories are becoming more sophisticated as technology evolves. You often see gamers trying to inquire about new accessories that they can add or use alongside their games. While it is not mandatory to purchase gaming accessories before playing your games, an avid gamer knows how necessary it is to add these accessories to their game station. It not only provides you with a host of options while enjoying your game, but also brings about satisfaction. There are several accessories that you will need as a diehard gamer and we will be discussing 11 of these accessories in this article. The list will focus both on tech accessories and the regular everyday accessories you are most likely familiar with. These accessories are readily available for pick up in online and offline stores. For instance, one can buy the best gaming desks from Turismo Racing.

Backlit Gaming Keyboard

A keyboard is one of the must-haves of every PC and there are a wide range of keyboards in the market. Most PC owners hardly care about the type of keyboard they purchase. There is a chance that they don’t even know a backlit keyboard exists. For a little above the price you purchase your regular keyboards, a backlit keyboard will do more for you, especially at nights. You can get to enjoy every action from your games without having to find a particular key. And if you are the type that loves playing games in a dark room, the backlit gaming keyboard is definitely an accessory you will need. The keyboard comes in various backlight colors and designs. You can go for one which is designed with a plain white backlight, or a multicolor backlight. The keyboards are designed with durable led bulbs and will hardly go bad no matter how long you use them.

Gaming Mouse

If you are a veteran gamer, then you definitely understand how crucial the role of a mouse is to your adventure. You need a mouse that is capable of sensing every slight movement across any surface. This is a compulsory requirement for aiming and shooting games. Take for instance, a game that requires you to have a lot of headshots to score high points before you can advance to the next stage. Without a sharp mouse, you will remain stuck in that level for some time. You should go for a gaming mouse designed with up to 16,000 DPI optical sensor and a smooth bottom which glides freely across any surface. Also ensure that the mouse features buttons that can be adjusted to suit your desired click strength. This allows you set the responsiveness of the mouse to either a slight touch or a weighted touch.

Volta V Wooden Computer

If you are just venturing into the world of PC gaming, why not go for the modern Volta V wooden computer? Now you are wondering if there is any such thing as a wooden computer. The answer is yes. This Volta V wooded computer is handcrafted from a single piece of wood with a glossy finish which makes it powerful and sustainable. The computer is designed so that you can use it continuously for years while only upgrading the internal components whenever you need more processing power. The wooden computer will not only provide you with unmatched processing power, but will also blend with the beauty of your home. Be ready to answer a lot of questions from your visitors because they will surely express their surprise at this device which will most likely be strange to them.


The HTC VIVE VR headset is one of the best technologies to surface this decade and has quickly become a hot cake in the industry. The idea behind the headset is simply unbelievable and the best part is that it does exactly all its manufacturer designed it for. You definitely need to add this accessory to your gaming desk if you are a diehard gamer. It’s an experience you probably have never had, and one which you would always want to enjoy every day. The only downside to this headset is that it’s expensive, but the truth is that it is worth every penny placed on it. To use the headset, you need have a high-end gaming pc which the headset connects to. You also need an open space to accommodate your 360 degree movements when the headset is on. While it can take some time and constant practice to control your movements with the vive VR headset on, you’ll need someone by your side the first few times you use it.

Gaming Desk Accessories You Need As A Diehard Gamer

Magnetic Screw drivers

I’m sure the non-tech folks are already wondering what the heck they need a screwdriver for. The truth is that you don’t have to be a tech guru in order to own a screwdriver set. Issues can arise at any time with electronics and you could be faced with one that doesn’t take much to fix. Without a screwdriver set, you would be short of options and will have no choice but to visit a repair shop. Apart from the fact that this will cost you some money, it will cost you time as well. If however, you still insist that you wouldn’t be needing a screwdriver set, what if you need to upgrade the hardware of your gaming pc. Most upgrades only require you to replace a piece of hardware. It is as simple as unscrewing the cover of your CPU, unplugging the hardware that needs to be replaced, and plugging in the new hardware. Imagine paying so much for a 3 step process. You really need one of the best magnetic screwdrivers on your gaming desk.

Headset Holder

A lot of gamers never see reasons why they should purchase a headset holder. They prefer to keep the headset on their gaming desk when not in use. Although keeping your headset on your gaming desk causes no harm, there is a chance that it can drop from there. Now, if the headset is a fragile type, it will most likely get damaged, or you’ll start hearing unusual noise as a result of a torn or burst cone. Apart from possible damage to your headset, placing it on the table takes up valuable space, especially for the large bulky types. You can save the space on your desk for other accessories by storing your headset on the holder and positioning the stand somewhere beside your gaming desk for easy access. Some headset holders store more than one headset and a few other accessories as well. Check out the options available to you before purchasing one.


If you belong to an online community of gamers, you must have on several occasions seen some gamers recording a live video of themselves playing a certain game. I’m not so sure why they do that, but you can share in the fun by doing the same. A good quality webcam will enable you capture crisp clear quality pictures for your online family of gamers. They will be able to see your reaction as you attempt to surmount some of the toughest obstacles on your adventure. When purchasing a webcam, go for one with high quality specs. A minimum of 1080p HD display should be good enough to capture your face and background clearly. If you are confused on a good brand to go with, try one of the Logitech webcams. They’ve got the name, as well as quality when it comes to computer accessories.

Wireless Game Controller

PC gaming hardly requires the use of a controller except for sport games like football, basketball, and the likes. With your mouse and keyboard, you can enjoy all the action of a first person shooter game. You can even play in a contest with your friends online if you become an expert user of the mouse and keyboard. Although, you will derive all the fun you want in the absence of a controller, it comes with a limitation. You have to be on your desk at all times and you have to stretch your arms as well. Over time your arms and shoulders would get sore and you’ll need to take a break for a few minutes before continuing your game. With a wireless controller, you can sit a few feet away from the game at a position where you can easily see the screen. You can play all the games available on your system from that relaxed position.

Dust Blower

You just can’t prevent dust from gathering both on the surface and inside your gaming computer. Most gamers and general users of computer pay less attention to dust because they don’t see any damage it causes to their unit. Well, truthfully, dust doesn’t really cause immediate damage to your system; however, with time, clogged particles of dust will reduce the effectiveness of your system’s ventilation unit. Your system will begin to heat up gradually and if nothing is done about the overheating, it may get damaged. With a dust blower, you can periodically clear as much dust as possible from every corners of your system. You can do it without disassembling the unit; but to make it more effective, you need to at least remove the cover of the system. This allows the bulk of air reach every installed component in the system.

Velcro Ties for Cable Management

There is every possibility that more than 70% of gamers have cables flying everywhere around their gaming system. As long as the game is up and running, no one really cares about the cables. It is not a good practice to keep cables flying everywhere. It poses danger to your computer system as well as the people around it. You may claim that your cables are not exposed, and that they are hidden at the back of your desk. What if your desk is one that doesn’t have a back cover, the cables will still be visible from the front. The best practice is to wrap them into one big bundle of cable so that they all stay in place at one position. This makes your gaming desk look neat, prevents accident, and dust as well.

USB Adapters

Nowadays, a lot of computer accessories, if not all, interface with computer wirelessly, or through USB. With USB adapters, you don’t need to go looking for a slot on your system to plug your new accessory. Simply plug the input of the USB adapter into your system and place the output on your gaming desk. Each time you purchase a new device and need to interface it with your system, your USB socket is just on your desk waiting to accept the device. One thing you need to know before purchasing any USB adapter is that the poor quality ones could make your device interface slowly with your computer and you definitely don’t want this. It is also advisable for you to go with adapters that have less amount of output ports so that you don’t overload your system’s USB port.

Gaming Desk Accessories You Need As A Diehard Gamer


We have discussed the most essential gaming desk accessories you need as a diehard gamer. What are you going to do now? Go get them or continue playing your games without them? Whichever option you choose is fine, but tries at least to look around your game station and check out some of the accessories we discussed above. There is most likely an essential one you need to make your game station safer, and last longer. It could be the dust blower or the Velcro ties. Even though they don’t add to the fun you derive playing your games, they can help your systems last longer; and they are quite inexpensive to purchase.

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