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Reviews Of The Top 3 Mac Data Recovery Software Solutions

Many of the data recovery software options available today are centered around Windows computers, with a relative few being compatible with Mac devices. However, some powerful programs can be used between the two different types of systems. There are also several data recovery options that are exclusive to Mac OS X. In the guide below, we will detail the features and strengths of the most powerful, user-friendly Mac data recovery software that you can download today.


RecoverIt is a powerful data restoration application that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. This software, created by Wondershare, is considered one of the top data recovery software suites available in 2018 and for the past several years. Thousands of users have relied on this software to restore lost, deleted or corrupted photos on their personal computers and external storage devices.

The highly intuitive interface of RecoverIt makes it easy to recover photos lost on any device that can be connected to your computer. Upon launching the application, you will be greeted with this screen, which offers the user eight different prompts to help them most efficiently recover their lost files.

Mac Data Recovery Software Solutions

As you can see, there are options for every possible scenario that could lead to data loss on your Mac or Windows PC. Each option is catered the specific set of circumstances that may have caused your files to become lost, so that you don’t have to deal with lengthy full-system scans to recover your photos on your Mac PC. For example for memory card recovery you need to select External Devices Recovery and so on.

Disk Drill

Mac Data Recovery Software Solutions

Disk Drill is one of the fastest-growing data restoration applications available for Mac OS X. Not only does this software quickly and effectively scan the contents of your computer, but it is also compatible with any external storage device that can be attached to it as well – even Android devices! In addition to a quick and thorough scanning process, Disk Drill comes packed with loads of features that work to protect your data on an ongoing basis. Truly, this application is a great find for anybody who needs to take their data protection very seriously. Professionals, artists and everyday users benefit from features such as:

  • Mac cleanup feature to get the most out of your disk space
  • M.A.R.T disk monitoring that helps protect your Mac against potential issues
  • A duplicate finder to help you reduce the instance of duplicated files on your Mac
  • Data Protection Vault
  • Data backup options
  • Compatibility with all external storage devices, including Android and Kindle devices

This application is free to use, though a premium version may be purchased. The premium download of Disk Drill comes with a host of additional features that are perfect for professionals and students with a need for serious data protection and recovery solutions.


Mac Data Recovery Software Solutions

PhotoRec is an open source Mac data recovery software, though its usefulness extends to other platforms as well, including Linux and Windows. While it may not be the most powerful option on the market, it is free to use and does get the job done in a fast and efficient manner. When you’re looking for basic Mac data recovery options, PhotoRec could be the simple program that you need to recover your lost data. This software’s specialty lies in the most common file types, including JPEG and PDF files.

Using a process called “file carving,” PhotoRec checks each sector of your device if it cannot obtain data from the data block or cluster that needs restoration. This thorough way of combing through the device for lost or deleted data produces a high number of results – so you can rest assured that the program will find the lost data that you are looking for.

If your needs for a Mac data restoration software are humble and do not fall into the realm of requiring professional software, PhotoRec is the simple, easy-to-use program that you need to have installed on your Mac PC.

There are many options available for Mac users to restore their lost, corrupted or accidentally deleted files. However, not all software options are cut from the same cloth. You want a program that will get the job done, and what that job entails differs from circumstance to circumstance. The three programs listed above are versatile and can be used for a wide array of data recovery needs.

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