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Methods To Read Whatsapp Message Without Sender Know


There is no doubt that Whatsapp has revolutionized the way people communicate. However, with this app have come to some challenges such as a person knowing when they are being snubbed. How to catch a cheater when you are using Whatsapp have also been made easy. In many instances, people want to read the Whatsapp message with no need to reply. Many people usually get offended whenever they see two blue ticks,and they never get a reply. Well, to ensure that you do not upset anyone, here are a few techniques that you can use

Methods To Read Whatsapp Message Without Sender

  • Disable the Read Receipts

If you are like and you do not love the idea of having read receipts, then you can be able to disable an option all together via the Whatsapp settings. It is important that this will work in two ways and you also will not get read receipts of the other party. To do this, Launch the Whatsapp Application and get to tap on the three dots that are located on the top of the screen. Choose settings and navigate to Account, Privacy. Within the menu, you will be able to find the ‘Read Receipts’ that has an option of disabling it using the unchecking method.

  • Aeroplane Mode

Sometimes you may not want to disable the read receipts but also don’t want the sender to know that you have read their message. Well, there is another trick which can temporarily help to get rid of this problem and ensure that the two tricks do not appear temporarily. When you get to receive a message from your Whatsapp application, this message is going to appear on lock screen. This will happen if you are not using your phone and also in pull-down notification bar. Even before you get to open that message, ensure you turn on Aeroplane or the Flight mode on the phone,and this will automatically switch off your Wi-Fi and also the data connection. This means that the servers of Whatsapp will not tell the sender that his or her message hasbeen read.

Once you have completed reading this message, exit this conversation and in Chats view, get to tap and also hold on anyconversationto access numerous options. Select Mark unread and also turn on data connection. It is important to note that this method has been known to give inconsistent results across the many devices.

  • Android Widget

There is an option that neither disables the Whatsapp read receipts nor does it disconnect your phone from internet. However, this method only works for the Android devices. To be able to read a message from Whatsapp and the user not necessarily knowing you have read it, you can use the Whatsapp Widget. To be able to add Whatsapp widget to the home screen, get to tap and hold on the clear space on the screen and select Widgets.

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Continue scrolling until that point where you are going to find Whatsapp and tap and get to hold on Whatsapp 4*2 widget. This widget gets to appear under your finger. Ensure that you drag it to the position where you want it appear on the screen and then let it go. This solution is just amazing for getting to ignore various senders. It is important to know that you can only be able to see the message and does not support image and videos.

  • Notification Bar

The last way through which you can be able to read a message without the user knowing that you are ignoring them is by making use of the notification bar on the lock screen or even in the notification bar. Ensure that you do not open it as this will mark it as read. Clear notification after reading the message to ensure you are on the safe side.


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