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Classification of Voice Chips

In these days, there is a development of voice technology; however, most of the users do not have a clear understanding on it. The voice solutions are in the classic voice recorder chip as well as the ISD chips. Such complex and costly schemes have currently been updated, making the pricing to be lower. The perfect solutions have a low cost, high stability and are simple. Here are the main classifications of the market

  1. The early stage OTP voice chip

The early stage OTP chip is one of the most fantastic voice chips. The OTP voice chip is the most used by a high population of users. This involves the car alarm, the security guard, building intercom, the voice prompt and many more.

  1. Hua bang launched ISD series chip

The ISD series found in the Hua Bang chips in the student group is useful. In this chip, it has a large market. The unit cost of it as well is quite higher, and thus, it has been replaced by other chips. Also, China has failed in the popularizing the chips thus making the chip to be part of the past.

  1. VS10xx series chip

This company has also launched other similar, functional and chips that are strong. The popularity of the  VS10xxs series chip is not as high as that one for the VS1003.  This type of chip was just introduced recently. The epoch-making produces to satisfy most of the needs for decoding the MP3.

  1. KT403A and KT603A

When comparing the KT403A and also the KT603A with others; these two chips will certainly have a high cost of performance. However, these chips have a low sound quality compared with the VS10xx series chips.

The price of these two chips is also small with half of the pricing of the VS10XX series. When the two chips are compared with the OTPs voice chip, their price will be about higher.

However, the chips will have a high-quality sound often better than the OTPs voice chips. The KT403A  and the KT603A  chips have clear control mode which is crucial for minimizing the development cycle of the user.

The wisdom of the modern pre-mothers is very interesting. The first most is the length of the prenatal education time that they insist on or whether it’s correct to use the method. Therefore it’s crucial that we applaud the modern pre mothers.

The prenatal education is vital as it allows us to get a clear understanding of life, and also we get the experience of the surprise of life. The prenatal teaching method is beneficial for the prenatal teaching in different ways as follows.

In the scientific fetal education, it must conform to the development process of the fetus. The fetal training should mainly emphasize science because of the ability of the baby to get the capability while in the womb.

The critical requirement on the scientific fetal education involves doing the required prenatal education during the corresponding time of the fetal development.

During the 10 weeks, the fetus skin will be having pressure and physical function. The brain cell will have developed in the 12th weeks with a speed of 250 thousand per minute.

During the 14th week, the baby will be playing with the umbilical cord, however; the mother will not feel it. At 18 weeks, the fetus is capable of hearing the call, singing of the mother as well as the push-button sound module. At 20 weeks, the fetus is capable of sucking fingers, meaning that they prepare for the next milk sucking and the hug memory ability.

At 30 weeks, the baby starts thinking an in an expression actor; they can express their anger and sadness. When the baby has thirty weeks, they start feeling cold and pain. Also, they will need to play anesthesia during the intrauterine surgery.

The abilities of the fetus are based on the gradual information and also the maturation of the fetal brain intelligence. Due to the different abilities, we teach the baby during the early stages of their development.

This can be through various activities such as light music, piano music, joyful songs for kids, and the classical poetry. Teaching English is also crucial as it helps to promote the development of their brain and allows the baby to understand the world steadily. You should start the prenatal education when the baby is from 4th to 10th.

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