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Virtual Reality and Its Evolution: Everything You Need To Know

The commitment of virtual reality (VR) has ever been tremendous. By simply wearing goggles, you can be transported anywhere and go nowhere. That’s how VR evolve in the past couple of years. As a matter of fact, virtual reality had its rough beginnings, while its real definition has always been hard to hypothesize.

Virtual Reality and Its Evolution

But what does virtual reality mean? Well, if you are interested in this, then keep reading this article because here’s everything you need to know about virtual reality or commonly known as VR.

Let’s get started.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is considered as the most immersive form of realism technology that makes an unreal environment to live out. This computer-generated and immersive environment,on the other hand, blocks out the extrasensory signaling from the outside world and it makes use auditory and visual cues in order to make the virtual world looks like a real world.

Due to its unreal environment that manages to shift your innocent mind to start treating as if it is real, there is no doubt why virtual reality is considered as the most immersive form of technology. As a concept, virtual reality is not new, in fact, it was originally called as Sensorama.

Nevertheless, in today’s day and age, there are 35 best free VR apps to enjoy virtual reality. Actually, these apps, we can look into conditions or places without going there personally.

The Evolution of Virtual Reality

As what we have said a while ago, virtual reality had its vulgar beginnings. In fact, the concept of VR has been around for centuries. But the closest modern descendant came into existence in the 50s, when a group of individual saw that looking at things on a screen that never ends is possible. However, during that time, technology was not yet keen enough to make the idea into a reality.

Even so, the idea was concealed and shrouded under audible visuals. Fortunately, the idea is worth pursuing, and in fact, it was pursued by the military who are aware and have already exploited virtual reality technology for military action simulation.

On the other hand, the visionaries’ ideas about virtual reality were revisited by a few inventors in the early 90s and late 80s. During those years, personal computers are very popular as well as virtual clergyman found out that many people are dying what this technology had to give.

In the mid-90s, virtual reality closed up the store, then two years later a child named Palmer Luckey was born during the weakening days of virtual reality in the 20th century. This kid, combined all the ideas/pieces into one using a more advanced technology. Also, he makes some money and soon settled the famous Oculus Rift, Luckey’s own style of clunky headsets. Though the graphics are very simple, there is no doubt that the experience it offers was amazingly realistic.

Either way, a person from Facebook purchased the Oculus Rift for two billion dollars.


Inventionshave the ability to change the way how we see the world. VR can really create an alternate environment that is not directly connected to the real world. But the virtual reality at its finest should not replace what is happening in real life.

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