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8 Great Online Games to Make Extra Money

While gaming can be exciting and entertaining, it can also be a great way to make money. Not so many people are aware of this. They only play games for a while and only get entertained in return. However, there are many online games on that allow you to make real money. All you need to do is find these games and master them. To make it easy for you, we have selected eight great online games and gaming platforms to make extra money. Apart from making money, some games can also be a means to get relieved from stress. You can find several such games online, one of which is Solitaire Masters (Visit to know more: Now, let’s turn back to games that can help you make some real money.

Online Games to Make Extra Money


Here is a free app that offers you real money when you play the games. You have to start by downloading the app to your Android or iOS phone. To start, you get to scratch a card before Lucktastic takes you to the next level. The next level requires you to match three winning symbols before a bonus box is revealed. You can win up to $2,500 if you’re lucky enough.

Teen Patti

Also called Flush, Teen Patti is an ancient Indian card game that means “three cards” in English. Played with a 52-card deck without jokers, the game is fast and easy to learn. All you need to do is keep betting when you think you have a good card hand.

You can enjoy Teen Patti real money games on online casino apps and gambling sites. To get started, sign up at an online casino and deposit some money.


This app allows you to play different games and provides a loyalty program where you can point. These points can be redeemed as steam credits, gift cards, and other prizes.

World winner

Here is another app that offers you different games like Bookworm and Bejeweled. Whenever you play games, you earn bonus points that can be redeemed as gift cards.


Rummy is an exciting card game you can make a lot of money from. The rules are usually simple and the game is interesting. Even though there are many variations of the game, they are all built on the same basics. Once you’re ready to play, there are many Rummy sites and apps available. Like Teen Patti, you also have to sign up at a Rummy site or app and deposit some money.


Counter-Strike is a popular multiplayer shooting video game series where you have to fight terrorists. As a form of esports, you can make real money when you join tournaments and competitions.


This is a very common multiplayer strategy RPG game. It takes you into the future, up to a thousand years from now. The story predicts an age where the earth can no longer support living things because of many disasters. The inhabitants on the earth will have to find “Mars Dollars” and minerals to survive.

Mars dollars is the currency of the game which you play with. You can exchange 300,000 Mars dollars for $20.


Fortnite is another popular online game that offers you cash prizes. Many sites host Fortnite tournaments where you contest with players around the world. You can get to win from the prize pool in such competitions.

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