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5 Innovative Mobile App Development Trends And Ideas For 2020

Mobile app development is rising in demand as more users turn to smartphones for all their online activities. Shopping, gaming, business management, and social interactions are all possible through mobile phones.

5 Innovative Mobile App Development Trends And Ideas For 2020

Big and small businesses quickly are adapting to new trends and ideas for mobile app development, as the world moves towards digitalization. Additionally, mobile apps are a gateway to targeting smartphone users who find it easy to perform daily tasks, while they’re on the go.

Every mobile app is different, and mobile app development trends and ideas will continue evolving even in 2020.

Let’s have a look at what trends 2020 has in store for web and mobile app development:

Trend #1: Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

AR-enabled and VR-enabled mobile apps have a huge impact on the gaming and video arena. In 2020, we will see AR and VR affiliate with other practical purposes such as healthcare, education, navigation, and much more.

Smartphone manufacturers, like Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, are planning a partnership to launch AR-enabled smartphones. Simultaneously, big tech giants like Google and Apple are working on innovative ideas. For example, Google is focusing on an AR feature for Google maps, which would enable phone cameras to help with directions.

AR and VR will take the mobile app development by a storm.

Trend #2: Blockchain

Blockchain is expected to boom in 2020 with respect to mobile app development. With the threatening rise of cybercrimes such as fraud and hacking, users are afraid to exchange data over the internet.

That’s where Blockchain comes in. The technology is used to provide security of personal data and sensitive data for users. In 2019, Blockchain was used by banks and payment apps to ensure secure transactions. In 2020, it will be implemented in more mobile apps to enhance security as well as tracking and quality controls.

Some other benefits of using Blockchain are:

  • Cost-effective:
    You don’t have to depend on third-parties to provide user data, because you can rely on the data stored in the blockchain.
  • Append-only Data Structure:

It means the data can’t be altered or deleted, which also makes Blockchain data reliable.

  • Improved Quality Assurance:
    If there is a bug in the system, the Blockchain system can lead you to its origin. It enables the mobile app developer to resolve errors in time.
  • Increased Efficiency:

When you automate the record-keeping process with Blockchain, it speeds up your transactions efficiently.

To protect themselves, users will lean towards downloading mobile apps that use the Blockchain technology.

Trend #3: Control with a click – IoT-Enabled Mobile Apps

IoT (Internet of Things) is a widely connected network of gadgets via the internet. It enables data and information transfer with ease.

The best example for the Internet of Things is the Smart Home. The demand for smart homes is rapidly increasing as more people lean towards dependable options. In any IoT-enabled smart homes, your smartphone acts as the central hub. All your appliances like air conditioners, security cameras, smart TV’s etc. are interconnected through cloud-based technology.

Smart Homes is just one example of IoT. As we progress into the technology era, IoT-enabled environments will also become common with the industrial sector.

  • Minimizes costs:

With IoT-enabled mobile apps, business personnel can monitor equipment without having to leave their seats.

  • Monitor Productivity:
    IoT-enabled apps can help business heads monitor employees’ productive hours to meet deadlines.
  • Workplace Safety:
    IoT-enabled apps can predict possible mishaps and malfunctions with the equipment. The data can be used to avoid any threats for employees that work in high-risk environments. The data is collected through IoT-enabled wearables given to the employees.

In 2020, IoT-enabled mobile apps will increase in demand, as users prefer remote access to all their gadgets with just a smartphone.

Trend #4: The Best of Chatbots

Chatbots have played a vital role in customer service. One example is Facebook. A business owner on Facebook can set up automated responses that are sent to new customers. The messages can be greetings, a list of services or even an interactive session that is powered by websites such as Mobile Monkey.

Chatbots are the future and backbone of customer service in 2020. It is because chatbots will understand human behavior and be able to assist customers.

Chatbots are quickly making their way to mobile apps in the new year. Mobile apps like food delivery, cab services have implemented the technology to respond to the customers’ queries quickly. Chances are chatbots will be much more efficient than customer representatives because the bots will provide precise responses.

Trend #5: The Rise of Cloud Apps

Cloud apps are a trend that is slowly becoming popular. Mobile cloud apps or cloud-based apps are your solution to limited ROM. People that have trouble with the storage on their phones will be happy to know that cloud-based apps take up no storage.

A mobile cloud-based app functions from a remote server and simultaneously stores data on the server as well. It is an app that can be downloaded without being on your smartphone. In 2020, mobile app developers are leaning towards the development of cloud-apps, similar to Google Drive and Dropbox.

The rise of cloud-enabled mobile apps benefits users as well as developers. A cloud-based app can be developed quicker than regular mobile apps, plus it is also cost-effective. It is a trend that is sure to boom in 2020.

Are you ready for the trends of 2020?

Digitalization is taking over the world! For software houses, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest tech and trends. Staying abreast will help them in developing better and innovative mobile apps. Additionally, if you adopt the latest trends, it’ll be a positive growth for you and your business.

The development of mobile apps is progressing as new trends emerge every year. The trends I’ve mentioned above are just a handful in the world of mobile app development. Who knows, maybe in the year 2021, there will be newer technology to play with.

The future of mobile app development is captivating, and I think the dynamics of mobile apps have just started to change!

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John Paul
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