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How To Enhance User Experience With Mobile App Design?

Although the success of a mobile application depends on the number of factors but the UX that is the user experience with the design still tops the list. User experience is all about the ultimate mindset a user frame after using your product/ service. If the user experience is great with your mobile application at the very first sight only then she/ he will retain your mobile app else she/ he is going to uninstall the same after claiming the new user’s offer. The user experience ultimately helps you to understand the consumers’ interests and their behavioural pattern.

Enhance User Experience With Mobile App Design

Several flaws of your mobile application can be hidden with the help of an excellent design and user interface. So here are top five pretty cool tips for you to improve the user experience with the design of your mobile application:

  1. Your mobile application may have very limited functions but ensure that all of them are working in a seamless way. Because the features either not working at all or working in an inefficient way irritate the users. A survey reveals that only 79 % of the users will retry once or twice a mobile application which failed to work for the first time whereas only 16 % will give it a try more than twice.
  2. The presence of the user guide is the must. By the user guide we do not only mean to add some content on a menu naming ‘user guide’, we mean to say, as the user will install and open the app the self-user guide will start guiding him about the features and functionalities of your mobile application.
  3. Reduce the efforts of the user: We would love to share the example of the quite popular mobile wallet application naming PayTM. As you will have to send someone money, it will give you both options simultaneously that is either punch the mobile number manually or scan the barcode. Whereas in the other applications, users will have to make a selection either to scan the barcode or to feed the mobile number. These kinds of features must be integrated with your mobile app to enhance the user experience while designing it.
  4. Limit the inputs: Suppose a user is trying to register on your mobile app and due to some reasons the registration process failed, so now the question arises whether she/ he will be asked to feed the entire information again or there will be a feature of auto-suggestion. Obviously, the auto-suggestion feature is the must. Another example is the save the debit cards details and addresses on an e-commerce mobile app. So make sure your app is designed in such a way that it will ask the minimal inputs from the users.
  5. Share the assurance of security and trustworthiness: Just reinstall the Facebook’s mobile application on your smartphone and see how many permissions it is asking from you to get access from the device such as camera, location, contacts list, mic etc. Now, you feel vulnerable about the data of your smartphone. So make sure your mobile app is asking for the permissions only for the required functions else it will create suspiciousness among the users about your app.

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