Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Search Engine Cracks Down For Mobile Sites That Use Huge App Install Ads

Mobile Sites That Use Huge App Install Ads

Google’s new update, which down the rank websites with app install advertise. While searching mobile browsing, huge app install pop-ups really irritates to user.  Google recognized that drawback and announced that that it will soon search engine cracks down sites that do this.

That type of giant download application ads really annoying. So Google starts down ranking that type of websites. It will starts from 1 November, mobile websites that show app install opening that hides a major quantity of content on the transition from the search result page can’t  be thought about mobile-friendly, statement in Google blog.

Webmasters can also use their own implementations of app install banners as long as they do not block searchers from viewing the page’s content. An interesting fact pointed out by Tech Crunch was that Google, they also follow this pattern

This is a small improvement, it leverage to a many users. It should be observed that Google won’t punish sites that use the standard app install banners in Chrome and Safari. The report added that, banners offers a consistent user interface for promoting an app and provide the user with the flexibility to manage their browsing experience.

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