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4K Resolutions: Top 3 Games

Nowadays people have interests to play games so due to this reason many games applications are launched.  Advanced features in games applications, which can supports to 4K Resolutions. So, best quality game can play with full of happiness.

Here Top 3 games that will run in any PC:

1. Mirror’s Edge

Mirror's Edge

The advanced resolution lets us take in a game zone pieced together with moderate use of glass, muted concrete, and splashes of red. It’s a parker themed, in that 1st person plat-former might cause motion problems to some regardless of the number of pixels on screen.

This game is available on disc and via Origin.

2. Project Cars

Project Cars racing game

It’s racing game. Crowd supported racer Project Cars is no fewer. Pump the resolution up to 4K and it looks unexpectedly life-like with weather conditions. Lighting effects accurately mimicking the time of day so much so that we’ve had to tell passersby that it is just a video game

This game is available on disc and via Steam.

3. The Witcher: Wild Hunt

The Witcher: Wild Hunt

one of the better games of the year looks fantastic at 4K. From great looking character models to immersive locales like sinister forests and downtrodden villages, it’s a feast for the eyes with the improved resolution.

This game is available on disc, also via GOG and Steam.

These are a handful of the games that do justice to advances in ultra high definition. Its processor at around 3GHz, at least 16GB RAM. An AMD Radeon 290X or an NvidiaGeForce 980Ti video card, and a 4K display such as the Asus PB279Q should see you through anything that’s out now and in the near future.

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