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The 7 Best Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone

As we all know, the 21st century has brought a wide range of technology that approach to the development in different areas. Photo editing application is one of them, which is use for different reasons like to do the modifications in pictures. There are so many applications available in smartphone online or offline which are beneficial for editing pictures, logos etc.


InstagramNot the primary photo editing App that hits in your head however high on our list for the absolute simplicity (especially for first-time users) and user friendliness. There’s associate adequate list of controls (that has been swollen recently) and enough pre-set filters that should please most folk except hard-core photography aficionados. Instagram is among the quickest growing social Media platforms creating it ideal to share your altered pictures. This app is popular for easy sharing of images.

This app is available in android, iOS, Windows Phone.


FotorBothered about toggling between your photo editor and a collage maker? Fotor’s versatility might just be what you need. First, it’s the app’s cool box of editing tools like the ‘one tap improve’ that instantly ‘fixes’ your snapshots. Then, it’s a long list of 100 effects (both on the pre-set bar and additional stuff you can snag on the store) and professional photo editing tools including the ‘Focus’ feature that lets you chose a focal point to create a high definition finish. The app’s choice of over 100 classic and magazine collage templates makes it ultra handy. This app is popular for the DSLR type results and the inbuilt collage templates.

This app is available in android, iOS.


SnapseedIt has been the ‘go to’ photo editing App for quite a few iPhone and Android users for some time now with its easy to use interface and impressive set of editing tools. It’s also one of the best ‘tablet friendly’ photo editors. The app’s ‘Tune image’ option takes care of instant fixes while the perspective correction tool is quite nifty too. Snapseed’s most useful feature is the ‘go back and re-edit’ feature’ in case you want to re-adjust an edited image. This app is popular for re-editing feature.

This app is available in android, iOS.

Camera MX:

Camera MXThere’s more than one reason why this app is at top on the Android popularity charts. Camera MX can replace your default Android camera with a promise of sharper images and an interesting ‘Live Image’ feature.  It does all this and more with a simple and intuitive user interface. However the app’s killer feature is its distinctive ‘Shoot the past’ that captures grabs of your image a few seconds before you actually thought you shot it. Handy if you want to go back a few seconds in time to get the perfect sunrise shot. This app is popular to the shoot the past attributes.

This app is available in Android.


FlickrFlickr also has a few editing options in its bag of tricks. Don’t expect the same editing capabilities as some of the professional apps but Flickr can handle edits, adding filters and cropping images (directly from the camera roll) with ease. Add 1TB of free cloud storage for your photo gallery and suddenly Flickr becomes an absolute must- have. This app is popular for editing images straight from your camera roll.

This app is available in iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


QwikIn these apps around 600 filters and countless fonts as well as frames are available, so user can enjoy this app. Also picture can easy to edit in attractive way. Different methods are available to edit images to look beautiful. So you can share more images happily. This app is popular in latest filters and edit options keep getting refreshed constantly.

This app is available iOS and Android.


VSCO CamTo improve picture quality this app is best to use. Professional photographer can use this app to enhance picture quality. There are lots of controls and editing mode to improve pixels quality so image will enhance. This app is popular in professional editing options.

This app is available iOS and Android.

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