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Don’t pay brokers anymore: By Pass Them Using Smart Technology

For those who look for properties on rent, one of the biggest costs in the rentals is the brokerage fees. And the brokerage fees are reasonably high. So what are some smart things that you could do to avoid paying broker fees?

Connecting with Like-Minded Community
Usually, every area or state has some sort of online community whereby you can find like-minded people. There are many groups like Property without brokers etc on Facebook and many other leading communities where you can just get what you want in no time. There, you can directly connect with the owners and get the right property.

Searching on the web
There are many portals that let user list their properties for free. Some of them can be very generic websites that can allow users to post requirements. Most of the generic buy and sell marketplaces consist of that. But then, this has a little downside then, say using a community. And that is – reliability. It’s just anyone can post the requirements on the web. And they might try to just spam the portals. It’s a handy tool no doubt, but should flare as your last resort.


Using Property Apps
This is one of the most advanced and powerful tools to rent property without no broker. Apps are easy to deal with and get you a lot of search queries on the go. They are just very simple to handle. And most of the apps include smart filters that just weeds out listings by the brokers. It is easy to shortlist, navigate and conclude a property buy.

Property apps with a lot of smart integration capabilities have made it easy and simple to look for the property on the go. Coupled with a lot of other features like short listing, ability to post the requirements and all make them a pretty good option to look for the property.

These apps are usually focused on one field. As a result, they tend to get the right hits. And with property apps, the chances of you getting the right property are very high.

Of course, there are many other secondary methods like yellow pages, listings on newspapers etc., but then they are the thing of past. When one gets the ability to put so many things on one portal, and that too for free, why would they want to choose to post their listings on the newspapers? It is just inefficient and does not work.

Looking up more avenues was the best bet to find a property without a broker, but not anymore. Apps like Magicbricks can really filter out things and get you a true no broker experience.  In the very end, its only true capabilities of the app that matters. And property apps deliver on all such parameters. So the next time you go out for buying a rental property, be sure to get a good app and look around for requirements without reaching out to the brokers!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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