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Web Development Predictions and Recommendation for 2016

Web development, undoubtedly, is an exciting and interesting field of work. And it got really big when Smartphone made its entry into the market. With 2016 round the corner, a few predictions can be made about the future of web development. There is also a recommendation that the article entails.


The first rend: Responsive design is the order of the day

Mobile gadgets have brought about sea changes in our lives. We have already witnessed a lot of innovativeness in this regard, and a lot definitely waits to be unveiled. With so much of advancement in the field of mobile technology, new usability requirements arise. Up until recently, web developers were required to make two versions of a website- one for the desktop, another for the mobile devices. That, definitely, was a cumbersome process. Today, with the advent of responsive designs, both the versions of a website can be created with the effort needed for one. A responsive website adjusts itself according to the device’s screen size, giving users an amazing browsing experience. However, the significance of responsive design is not restricted to the user experience alone. It also determines how well a website gets ranked in search results. Even Google, now a days, attaches less importance to sites without a responsive design.

The second trend: More uniformity in design elements

This trend can neither be considered good nor bad. It is rather something which is inevitable. The first thing to consider here is that websites are designed in a way to fit almost all sizes of screens. The second consideration is that only a few operating systems dominate the mobile market. As a result, many design elements are becoming common.

Starting from WordPress themes that appear similar, to websites with user interface elements like menus and buttons borrowed from android and iOS, commonality can be witnessed almost everywhere. This indicates basically two things- websites will end up looking alike and web designers will have more freedom to figure out ways to make websites stand out.

The third trend: Semantic Web to gain more prominence

You must have experienced taking your phone and asking questions that get instantly answered. Up until now, it was just a diversion, but will hold immense importance in the future.

There have been important developments in the area of machine learning & Angularjs 2.0 Training. As a result, search engine algorithms, computers and mobile devices will be in a better position to assess the meaning of web content and the intent behind. This will enable users to pose detailed as well as difficult questions and get satisfactory answers in return.

Resultantly, keyword heavy content will lose its importance and content having value will gain prominence.

Recommendation: Believe in the ‘in-house’ mantra

If you consider hiring a website developer in the coming year, make sure you hire an agency with a competent in-house team. It may appear to be more convenient and cost-effective to go for an agency that gets outsourced web developers, but in reality, doing otherwise will yield better results. By hiring an agency having an in-house team of employees having industry knowledge, you will be able avoid miscommunications and get your job done perfectly.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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