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This Is the Best Credit Card Mobile App for 2020—plus Tips on What to Look For In a Mobile App

Nowadays, everyone prefers taking the online route for banking and finance. Online transactions and EMI payments are all carried out online through websites or mobile apps. Now credit card companies offer credit card app for managing your account with your smartphone anytime, anywhere. You can quickly view your card balance, make bill payments and redeem rewards all through the mobile app. If you’re in the market for a new credit card, it’s a good idea to consider the features offered by the company. Let’s have a look at else you need to look for in a credit card app. They are as follows:

This Is the Best Credit Card Mobile App for 2020

  • Easy App Navigation

Mobile apps have a lot of information, so the app must have an easy user interface. An app with straightforward navigation can make it easier for a first time user to access the app and get to know all the info. The app needs to have appropriate sections for different requirements whether you need to check the balance, rewards, payments or access to the customer support page simple and easy interface help navigate.

  • Swift Payment Options

The whole point of getting a credit card app is to ease the process of managing your payments. The app should have easy payment options so that whenever you need to make a payment, you can make the transaction and know how much is due. Also, look for features like autopay, through which you can enrol and do not have to remind yourself of obligatory bill payments.

  • Fast Loading

A mobile app should be quick with all the functions, as lags and errors will only be more inconvenient and time-consuming for you to access your account. Looking out for a company with an excellent mobile app for your credit card should be quick in loading pages or tabs and should be updated with the best features.

  • Important Information

A credit card app should have all the essential information related to your accounts. Information like your credit card balance, the due date on credit, minimum payment and the interest rate charged. Every transaction you make and the credit statements should be easily accessible to you at all times.

  • Visually Appealing

While it’s not essential to have an app that looks pretty, it can help if the card issuer has images or graphics that have easy access to critical information. Many card issuers often show card art which is helpful when one has multiple accounts, as well as pictures and labelling to explain the rewards you earn or your credit score.

  • Rewards and Earnings

For rewards cardholders, it can get annoying to log on to your online account to redeem rewards. With the app, this process is made more comfortable as the app will display your current rewards earnings on the card and lets you save your cash back, points or miles.

  • Safety and Security Features

This is an essential factor to consider as you want your account to be safe and secure at all times. In case you face a situation of fraud or theft, the app should have a safety feature through which you can freeze/lock your card from within the app. This feature can save you the hassle of calling the customer service to block your card and protect your account if your card is lost or stolen. This feature is quite helpful if you’re always travelling and gives you control over direct access to your credit card account. Some cards also let you set alerts for bill payments and any transactions from within the app.

Consider all the above features when getting a credit card app. The Finserv MARKETS app is one such app that is designed to cater to all your financial needs, such as digital transactions, investments, money management. With the app, you can avail personalized choices for Cards, Investments, Loans, Insurance & UPI Payments along with No Cost EMIs.

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