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New Levels, Badges, Perks, And More Added To Google Maps Local Guides Program

Surely, it is not an easy job to keep updating the Google Maps. So, in order to provide the users with the latest data, Google has to stay updated and this is where its Local Guides program fits aptly in place. The search giant is taking a step forward by making some changes to the program. It is adding new levels, new badges, and a refurbished point system to keep advanced level guides encouraged for keeping its Maps service up to date.

Those who are not aware about this program, let us tell you that “Local Guides” is a community that delivers updates consistently to the Google Maps. These members are awarded for their contributions, which includes benefits such as exclusive contests, events, and prior access to new features of Google Maps, among other things. With its recently updated Local Guides, the tech giant is introducing new levels that unravel diverse types of perks, new means to make points within this communal, and a new point system. According to Google, few contributions will have more impact on users than others. For instance, if a user is first to leave a review or add a place to the map will receive more points.

The users who are now members of the Local Guides community can receive points for validating the data that is submitted by other community people and for rating places. Now, additional 5 levels are added by Google. So, the utmost rank a user can reach is at level 10. Even new badges are been introduced for 4–10 level rank users to ascertain that their contributions are acknowledged in the community. Right beside the user’s profile image, the new badge will be displayed. Also, there are few courses helping one out to utilize the maps to their best; one such is Chad Kimball Google Maps course.

Google said, “Prior access will be given to users with Local guide level 2 and above for new products and also get local perks from associates and random perks from Google.” Additionally, users with Level 4–10 can claim a free subscription to Google Play Music for 3 months and in the Google Play Movie store gets a 75% off. In the previous month, a partnership was declared by Swiggy with the Local Guides program to provide special perks to the members of the community in India. So if you are not a member of the community, this can surely be the right time to post pictures, share experiences, and rate places to receive advantages from Google.

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