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How to Choose a Mobile Trading App

Traders are shifting their platform preference to the mobile space as new software has helped investors gain access to tools that allow you to hone your trading skills whether you are in your office or on the road. Mobile platforms have gone well beyond just displaying prices of the securities you are trading.  You can now transact in real-time, manage your positions as well as your balances.  Add or withdraw cash, view currency pair or securities on charts, in real-time.

It’s important to find a mobile app that works well for you.  Generally, you want to find an app that works in tandem with the downloadable or web platform that you use at your home or in your office.  If most of the trading you engage in is on a mobile platform they you want to make sure it has all the features you need to trade the markets successfully.

Mobile Trading App


For many traders, having a customizable layout is one of the most important features. How you view your mobile app, and absorb information is as important as the information that is relayed on the screen.  Most of us have also become used to specific types of gestures, such as swiping a screen to open or close a trade. You want to make sure that the mobile platform provides you with these features. If you are trading active markets in real-time you want to be able to quickly place trades and constantly monitor your positions.  Most importantly you want to have access to many trading instruments.  Make sure that the platform that you are using is not constrained.


The mobile platform you decide to use should becustomizeable to the instruments that you plan on trading. There is a plethora of platforms that are geared toward stock trading, but that does not help investors that are focused on currency and CFD trading.

Must of mobile platform allows you to trade stocks, indices, currency pairs and commodities.It allows traders to easily access their account anywhere at any time. The iFOREX app, which can be used in conjunction with iFOREX’s other trading platforms, combines professional trading functionality and a user-friendly interface for a smooth, quick and simple trading experience.

The benefit of this platform is it mimics many of the key features that are available in the downloadable platform and the web platform produced by iFOREX. This allows you to move from one platform to another without losing flexibility.  Additionally, having the ability to quickly increase your balance in your mobile wallet will help you quickly increase positions or avoid a margin call situation.

Mobile platforms have change the game for many traders.  For those that need the flexibility to trade in any location at any time, a strong mobile app is imperative to their success.  If you believe that you will be trading on the go, spend time finding the mobile app that is right for you and meets all your trading needs.

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