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Difference between Shared Hosting Vs. Managed WordPress Hosting

Are you aware about hosting? Hosting is just an essential service one uses to expand one’s online business. The hosting plans have to be used such that the visitors visiting the websites are secure and also the service provided is faster. This article can help provide a gist of what shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting is. Choosing the right hosting plan is very important as the earning of one’s website depends on it.

What are the two exactly? Shared hosting is just a “not-so-expensive” way of hosting websites. This kind of hosting helps cater to the needs of websites at a very low price. For using the shared hosting, the websites do not require to be powered by WordPress. On the other hand, managed WordPress hosting only provides services to the websites or specific markets by providing enhanced versions of servers and WordPress-optimized services. Managed WordPress hosting seems to be way to ahead of shared hosting. However, let’s get an eagle’s eye on what exactly differentiates the two.

Sneak Peek into Shared Hosting

Sneak peek into shared hosting

Shared hosting in terms of cost is very feasible but along with it there are a number of disadvantages that follow. What are they? The term “shared hosting” itself explains everything. The business model works on sharing a server and the memory among thousands of users. This is not it, the bandwidth, processing power, and many more things are shared among the users. The sharing concept is the only reason for it being cheap. The users are provided with a fixed memory, which if extended can cause issues for the neighbors, as there are thousands of them using the hosting. The scenario may get worst for the neighbors who find it difficult to load their sites.

The sharing of the resources among the shared servers is the top most issue. In this case, complaining the host regarding the issue is of no use as they are helpless as well as powerless. Though the servers have been programmed to disable the websites using too many resources the traffic created on the server is unsolvable. The shared hosting does not have the benefit of WordPress-related fine tuning or tweaking. There is no dependency of the websites on the shared hosting but only the resource restrictions that cause the shared-hosting environment to slow down. Thus, here comes the hero “managed WordPress hosting.”

Managed WordPress Hosting—The Savior

Managed WordPress hosting

When you are using the managed WordPress hosting, there is no need to worry about the neighbor effect. The servers are standardized to use the WordPress. The managed WordPress server has cache memory that helps store data as well as avoids congestion in the future. It uses some of the latest versions such as PHP, Apache, and MySQL so as to give the best of the performance. Speed is very important when it comes to ranking by Google or customer experience. The server provides high speed and quick loading of websites that ease the work of the customers.

Security is of utmost importance for the customers. The hacking of the data on the websites is very common nowadays. Hence, the managed WordPress server tries providing increased security protocols to avoid any malware attacks. But if attacked then server can help the customer fix the problem and save their website.

Backup of the websites is a task that can help a customer jump out of trouble. Managed WordPress hosting helps store the data and also retrieves it within minutes when required. But this is not the case with shared hosting as the backup is stored in the same server. The managed WordPress server has its operating systems, WordPress, and everything else updated in order to secure and stabilize the latest version used. In case of shared hosting, though the operating systems are updated, the WordPress has to be taken care of by the user itself. The server also provides an excellent scalability and update response when required to grade upwards. The server is clinched to WordPress and does not permit the use of any other systems. The use of plugins such as WP Total Cache is not allowed on the server as the caching is done on the server-level. Price tag is the surface where the managed WordPress hosting causes a big difference.

Pagely, Flywheel, and WPEngine are the highly used WordPress servers. After all the explanation, it is for you to decide whether to choose shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting.

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