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Would A Franking Machine Benefit Your Business?

Would A Franking Machine Benefit Your Business?

More and more popular with companies, a franking machine is an office tool that offers undeniable advantages, the main ones being: Saving time (1) and Saving money (2).

Franking Machine Benefit

A franking machine makes it possible to frank a high volume of letters quickly without having to carry out numerous, repetitive tasks. This technology also ensures the franking machine applies the correct postage rates.

It’s as simple as that!

For companies wishing to optimize their costs, the postage meter is ideal in more than one way. They are available in different sizes and cater to different mail volumes, all with the intention of helping you efficiently manage your postage expenses.

What are the good reasons to adopt the franking machine for your business?

This professional tool has many advantages and has the gift of making life easier for businesses, with the practical and straightforward operation, for significant savings.

1 – Save time

The franking machine enables organisations to manage postage processing on-site, which negates the need to do this at the post office counter. It saves on the travel time and queues to have the mail franked. The system is straightforward: you have to do it yourself using the franking machine. You also avoid wasting time managing the cash register and expense flows. An invoice is sent once a month directly to the responsible person, indicating mail volumes and prices. No more time wasted in calculating the amount to be franked, nor the anguish of running out of stamps. To quantify the time savings, we can make an overall estimate of 1.5 hours less per month from 20 letters sent each day and about 5 hours per month from 30 letters sent per day.

2 – Saving money

Thanks to the scale which weighs each letter, we can find the right price for the envelope, to the nearest gram. By choosing the most reasonable pricing, it is possible to achieve savings of up to 12% in annual postage costs. In addition, the mail service offers advantageous conditions, particularly a discount if the monthly consumption exceeds a certain amount. Expense tracking is assured and optimized so that you can see details quickly and easily.

3 – Enhancement of your business image

In addition to being a device that optimizes administrative work and saves money, using a franking machine can enhance the company’s image by promoting your business in a more professional way It is possible to have data and visuals stored in the machine, for example, the logo, the sender’s address, or a specific promotional message. Finally, the printing is of inkjet quality, with ultra-fast drying giving a clean and crisp rendering. Companies can really put their best look forward.

What is the true purpose of a franking machine?

Companies that need to frank more than 10 emails per day will find a real opportunity to optimize their mailing costs with the franking machine. Moreover, today no machine has to be bought; companies interested in having one available can have it rented or leased, which avoids any initial investment that is too expensive. Don’t be under the impression that franking machines are only for larger organisations, even small to medium businesses can benefit by managing the sending of commercial correspondence such as invoices, statements, payslips or even promotional material.

What is the origin of the franking machine?

The very first use of the postage meter came from the New Continent. The time mechanism included three dispensers of impressions, each one pre-dated and installed in several post offices in New York City in 1897. However, it was not until the very beginning of the 1920s to see permanent uses appear.

How does the postage meter work?

The franking machine makes life easier for businesses. Nowadays, all postage meters are digital. They are not only easy to use but are also more secure compared to their non-digital versions. To frank an item, you simply use the keypad or the touch screen, select the corresponding franking option and then place the letter or label on the machine which will then print the postal imprint. The postal imprint can also be called a frank which is a set of data that can contain important information such as the class of mail, the weight of the item, and more. Finally, a scale weighs the mail and determines the exact rate to apply.

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