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Maintain Your Automated Equipment and Get Better Performance

Sometimes it feels like people have an exaggerated sense of how automation works, as if once the equipment is purchased, the factories run themselves. In reality, people often need to work alongside these machines.

Maintain Your Automated Equipment and Get Better Performance

Just like any other piece of equipment, automated equipment can break down over the years. By putting in a little upfront investment, you can get a much more reliable and effective performance from metrology equipment, like CMM machines.

Let’s check out a little more about some of the services offered by the best in the business.


CMM Machines often perform quality control on production lines, so they must work reliably and produce repeatable results. This is even more true when the CMM machine scans parts and objects used by the aerospace and automotive industry.

Often, the best metrology dealerships also deliver the best repairs and preventative maintenance services. From FARO arm calibration to machine relocation and more, look for a dealership that has been in business selling CMM machines for decades when you need to get your machine calibrated.

They should have various ISO accreditations and stand by their work with meaningful guarantees. Manufacturers need to be confident that the machines they depend on work to spec, and this means getting expert calibrations.

Most Faro machines allow for minor compensation adjustments via manual or integrated features that you can do on your own, but it takes special equipment and training to compensate your Faro device algorithmically and mechanically. Ensure your device meets the original manufacturer’s accuracy specifications as per the device tech sheet by only letting the best dealerships service and calibrate your CMM machine.

Contracts Are Key

Some companies want to know that their machinery is always in “top-notch” condition, so they need Service and Preventative Maintenance contracts. Usually, this type of contract also assures a guaranteed response time and a fixed yearly cost.

While the contract will be fixed, it should also be flexible and tailored to your needs so that the technicians can deliver a quick response or weekend callout for various services. Whether you require technical staff to upgrade your CMM and ensure the hardware and software are optimal and up to date or carefully relocate your CMM machine, they should be able to do it all.

It doesn’t matter what parts or objects you need measured: the best CMM machines can do it, and technicians ensure the equipment works to spec. Expect the best CMM dealers to service your equipment, even if you bought it from someone else.

Maximizing equipment availability and minimizing defects is what efficiency in manufacturing is all about. In a way, getting the best technicians to service automated equipment on retainer is one step further to automating automation! While exciting developments in automation and Artificial Intelligence make for an intriguing future for manufacturers and society at large, make sure your factory’s equipment is ready now by investing in preventative maintenance for your CMM machines.

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