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5 Video Conferencing Tips Essential For Better Business Communication

Today’s businesses integrate technology as a part of the core business operations. From business communication to automation, technology runs through the veins of any business. Video conferencing is one such valuable technology that has become an integral part of business communication for many enterprises.

Video Conferencing Tips Essential For Better Business

If you want to use video conferencing for your business, all you need to do is, take out your smartphone and google “how can I host a Cisco Webex meeting?”. It will present you with the right resources to set up video conferencing for your business with Webex. Now, before you set up video conferencing for your company, you need to understand some fundamentals of using video conferencing platforms for personal and business use. To help you with it, here are five video conferencing tips that are essential for better business communication. Let’s take a close look at them.

1. Make sure to have a sufficiently fast internet connection.

Video conferencing demands a fair amount of internet speed to operate without any buffering or voice breaks. A faster internet connection helps to have a glitch-free and smooth video conference. Check your internet speed before you start using video conferencing platforms.

2. Always be on time

Being punctual should be a norm of any meeting, whether it is online or offline. Being on time gives you enough time to check your connectivity and log in to the platform. Video conferences are more visual, so you cannot just sneak in as you do with physical meetings. Being late in a video meeting also disturbs the flow of the meeting and causes confusion and disturbance to others. That’s why it’s crucial to be on time for your video conferences.

3. Mute the microphone when you are not talking

Even when you are not speaking or making any sound, the microphone on your computer or smartphone picks up many background noises like typing, smartphone notifications, sneezing or coughing noise, etc. These background noises can disturb the speaker and others who are part of the video conference.

4. Direct the camera properly

You must have come across someone who doesn’t set up their camera correctly and end up making a fool of themselves. Try to point your camera to your face and torso. Check whether you fit in the frame and don’t expose any part of the background that you don’t want anyone to see. You can also use the live backgrounds feature of your video conferencing platform to replace your background with different pictures.

5. Educate your team members

There is always a learning curve while embracing any technology. Try to educate your team members about video conferencing. Don’t be annoyed if a team member asks, “how can I host a Cisco Webex meeting?” Try to direct them to useful resources to help them learn more about video conferencing technology. Use various tutorials and guides to understand the platform better and try to answer their queries about video conferencing.

These are some of the best tips to use video conferencing for your business effectively. Help team members set up their remote workstations. Make sure everyone has the right software and hardware for flawless video conferencing.

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