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3 Best Types of SEO Content

Plano, Texas is home to various big business names that have attracted several people to settle in the city from different parts of the country. The city offers great real estate, a well-educated workforce, and excellent transport infrastructure. Keeping in mind the varying taste buds of the population, many restaurants have emerged here over the years. Owing to lower taxes, low operation costs, and an accessible local government, such businesses are growing in number.

Best Types of SEO Content

If you own a restaurant in Plano, you surely face strong competition. In Plano SEO is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target customers and show them that you are better than others in the industry.

In the current times, content occupies an essential position in SEO thanks to Google algorithms. Content is king, and SEO experts ensure to incorporate authentic, informative, relevant, easy-to-understand, and valuable content in their websites. For your hotel business, you can publish any type of content. However, certain types of content get noticed more than others. Take a look at some content types that are best for SEO.


Large-format images with a lot of data in charts or graphs rack up several page views. Many people love a combination of written words and graphic snapshots that would require thousands of words to express in an article. Short and crisp, readers share infographics and make them viral. They are a veritable source for creating backlinks. However, the SEO professional has to optimize the rest of the page as most pages have embedded content, and search engines cannot read it as text.

Trending Content

Indeed, trending topics do not last for a long time, but they have the power to drive immense traffic to your hotel website in a short period. You can leverage this type of content to launch new services or products or promote your existing offerings. If your content timing is right, you can make full use of hot topics and breaking news to create high-quality links and attract more users. This process is called newsjacking and involves finding a big story of the day and offering an angle or analysis relevant to your industry or hotel. It is beneficial as you can get your content to a larger audience than you usually do, express thought leadership, and show your brand as the go-to place for newsworthy updates in your industry.


Whether in a blog or a magazine article, everyone likes to go through a list. Interestingly, lists tend to become more popular when the title starts with a number. ‘10 Ways to Promote Your Hotel in Plano’ is one such example. Use these titles to ensure more users click them when they show in social media feeds on search results. To make sure that readers like the list and share it, make it catchy by including research data, images, and graphs. It will not harm to lengthen its size or make it as detailed as possible.

These are some of the ideas you can leverage from Plano SEO service providers. There are many more types of content that give great SEO results. Mention in the comment box if you can think of any one of them.

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