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What Will Sex Be Like After the Pandemic?

More than a year of pandemic, change of routines, mentalities and behaviours of the entire world population. The coronavirus undoubtedly represents a turning point for most people.

The longing for loved ones, the fears, the forced cohabitation for some, the confinement, the health measures, the news, the sad stories… There are countless events caused by all these factors, in the whole of everyday life. Now that we are starting to come out the other side of the pandemic, thoughts turn towards interaction with others once again. This London Escorts agency can help you out with this by letting you choose a companion for a dinner date, movie night, or more.

During this period of seclusion, some people have gone through it with their partner, lover or special friend, and others have faced this battle alone without even the company of a beautiful desi escort from Delhi to have a good time with. Regardless of the case, the possibilities of psychological and relational damage are very diverse, because when quarantine and confinement are imposed, exposure and vulnerability grow exponentially to psychological and sexual problems.

How has confinement affected our sexual relationships, and what will the sex to come be like? These are questions that are on the minds of many and Skokka decided to shed light on the subject.

Sex Be Like After the Pandemic

Libido and sex life during the pandemic

Teleworking, the presence of children at home and economic uncertainty have led to stress and anxiety, things that never work in favour of the libido. Many people found themselves less willing to have sex in the face of all this, and their partners ended up looking for alternative ways to satisfy themselves, such as virtual sex with a hot Nottingham escort.

The pandemic redefined the pursuit of pleasure for many. The norms of social distancing imposed limits on the conventional sex that many singles or couples knew, and pleasure-seeking had to change to keep flowing in the best possible way.

The closure of theatres, cinemas, bars and restaurants led to a drastic reduction in the social life in which “foreplay” took place, i.e. the initial commitment necessary for two people to end the night in bed after getting to know each other. This may also explain the high rate of sexual abstinence among singles during this period.

Perhaps because of this, the sale of erotic toys, the use of dating apps, the consumption of porn and access to large adult portals such as Skokka to contact with independent escorts in Cairns all skyrocketed during this time.

At the same time, new opportunities emerged. While some adults report that the pandemic has had a major impact on their intimate lives, acknowledging a decline in their sexual practices, others seized the moment to expand their sexual repertoire, incorporating new practices, games and activities.

Post-pandemic sex

Post-pandemic sex

And in the end, what will post-pandemic sex be like?

It’s no news that technology is gaining more and more ground, and relationships are no different. Even before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people were using apps to find a partner, and now there is a much greater concern for health.

Although the vaccination plan is well underway, there are still many people who are not immunised. This puts a red light on the heads of those who, for example, do not have a steady partner, and therefore do not want to take the risks of starting something now in this still uncertain scenario.

Many say that the first sex they had after the confinement was without kissing, just in case. And no wonder, since saliva is one of the main conductors of the virus, and is obviously used a lot at the time of sexual intercourse.

Whether among people who respect the moment and fear for their health or among those who are already immunised or in a stable relationship, the truth is that pornography, toys like a blowjob machine, and the alternative search for pleasure continue.

It’s convenient, it’s cheap and it can be done from the comfort of one’ own home. And it avoids exposure to unnecessary risks. In other words, there is every reason to reaffirm that these ‘tools’ continue all the same in the post-pandemic era.

Many people find it more worthwhile to continue to opt for sex through the screen and even report feeling more satisfaction, not having so many worries hanging over their heads at the moment of the act.

For those who already feel ready to have an ” in person ” sexual relationship, it is worth insisting on the importance of dialogue, precisely to understand the limits of the other person and how they take the issue of health, so relevant at this moment in time.

Whatever the case, sensitivity, common sense and empathy are essential for the practice to go as smoothly as possible, and for both parties to enjoy this pleasant and genuine connection. Little by little, rediscovering pleasure, adding new things to improve the relationship (for those who have it) and having good orgasms at the end.

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