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What Is The Best Phone Tracker For Android 2021?


Mobile trackers or phone trackers are becoming famous day by day because of the various functions that they have been carrying out. These trackers can help to pinpoint a location using the Global Positioning System. It is actually a satellite system which helps to detect the location of a device. The newer apps cannot just locate the device but also extract videos, text messages and other information from the phone. Today phone trackers are being used to carry out many different functions like parental control or to keep a track on the activities in the field of employees and for many other reasons. There are many different types of trackers that have emerged now.

Here are the different functions of the phone tracker. 

  • SMS Tracker: This tracker unfolds all the information that is delivered or received as a text or in the format of a picture. It allows access to an individual or a group message and tells us about its delivery as well as its content. 
  • Facebook Tracker: The facebook tracker helps to monitor the facebook activities of the person who you choose to track and lets you monitor it closely. It also allows you to access their browsing history as well. 
  • WhatsApp Tracker: This tracker allows you to access the WhatsApp messages of the the person you want to track and also the multimedia that has been shared and the numbers of the senders as well. It also allows you to check other details like what time the message was received. 
  • GPS Tracker: This tracker helps you to know the exact location of the person you want to by using satellite systems. It is actually a navigation system that uses many different satellites and tells you the precise location by the GPS satellites sending signals down. 
  • Email tracker: This tracker sends you an alert every time the person you are tracking receives an email.It also tell you if the person opened the email and how many times exactly did he/she open it. It also tells you the location at which the email was viewed and the attachments that the email came with can also be viewed. 

The three most popular mobile phone trackers in the market are :

Aispyer mobile phone tracker

Aispyer is the best mobile phone tracker that there is. It is the most secure and reliable tracker. The main things that make a phone tracker the best is the fact that its safe and secure and it is unobtrusive. Also it must be power saving and easy to install. Hence the Aispyer hacker has the best features which makes it top notch and number one. What makes Aispyer the best is

  1. Safe and secure to download on the phone
  2. It has power saving and will thus not let the target phone know of its installation.
  3. If has a very easy system of installation and is hassle free.
  4. Also it is unobtrusive and will not be visible in the target phone. 
  • Hoverwatch is a great tracking app too and the best part about it is that it is absolutely free. You can track a number of things like text messages or call history or activities on WhatsApp and other social media platforms as well. This app is very easy to use as well. It also has the call recording feature.

Life 360 mobile phone tracker

  • Life 360 as the tagline suggests helps to bring loved ones close. It allows you to track you friends and family and also allows you to create private groups. It also allows you to share location and is great for smart notification and location sharing

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This is why Aispyer is the best phone tracker software of 2021

Aispyer gives the most security and reliance when it comes to mobile tracking. It has the most top notch features that make it the best in the market.

Its 4 best features include: 

  • It has a three layered security system which enables you to stop the spying whenever you want and resume it later or delete all the data as well so it is very secure

Aispyer mobile phone tracker feature

  • It has the easiest feature when it comes to installation. Like other softwares it isn’t difficult to crack and install. Instead it can be installed in the matter of 60 seconds and that too very simply.
  • Another best feature is that it is unobtrusive which means that once the installation is complete you don’t have to worry about it being seen as it automatically gets hidden.

Aispyer mobile phone tracker feature 1

  • Its power consumption is very low in comparison to other similar software hence it is impossible to detect it in the target phone so there is no worry of being caught.

Aispyer mobile phone tracker feature 2

All the different reliable and smart features of Aispyer makes it the best Phone Tracker for Android in the market as it has much more to offer than its competitors. With great features like high level security, unobtrusiveness, low power consumption and ease it is simply the best software for spying out there.

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