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Protect Your Child from Online Threats with Parental Control Apps

Kids these days spend a large chunk of their time online as apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. have totally consumed them. They are regularly sharing posts and statuses about their opinions, feelings, and thoughts. To them, that is a way to express their life and there is nothing with it. However, lurking online has its fair share of problems and more often than not, kids find themselves getting dragged into them one way or another.

These online threats have a negative impact on children’s upbringing. Sometimes, the impact is small and doesn’t bring about too many changes, but sometimes, the effects are huge and can completely transform your children. In both cases, the kids are getting affected. As a parent, you want your kids to be safe from these threats, but there is very little you can do when you don’t even know what’s going on in your kids’ lives. Fortunately, there are now parental controls like ShieldMyTeen available, which will allow you to protect your kids from some of the most dangerous online threats.

Online Threats with Parental Control Apps

Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is nothing new but its ratio has increased a lot in the past couple of years due to excessive usage of internet. Children learn about porn from various sources and once they are in the know, all they do is watch porn. It starts out just as a curiosity thing, but soon it becomes a habit, and then an addiction. As a parent, it is your responsibility to stop this habit from growing, and parental control apps can play a huge role in that.

These apps allow you to see what your kids are doing on their devices and that includes their web browsing history. If you notice that they are visiting pornographic websites way more than they should, then you should intervene right away and explain them the dangers of this habit. Kids may not seem like it, but they understand that their parents want the very best for them. So, if you tell them something is bad for them, they will most likely stay away from it.


Cyberbullying is another huge problem being faced by the kids of modern day. Previously, they only had to face this problem at school. When they came back home, they were in the safe environment. However, that is not the case anymore as now they are also constantly harassed through multiple online platforms. They are made fun of and insulted on regular basis, and they just can’t escape it. Not a lot of children like to share that they are being bullied, so instead of telling their parents about it, they just keep on enduring. However, sooner or later, they reach their breaking point and end up doing something that doesn’t bode well for themselves or people around them.

So, before your kids end up doing anything disastrous due to excessive cyberbullying, it is advised that you keep tabs on their online activities through parental controls. If you see that someone is constantly berating your kid, and your kids are helpless against them, show up to support them. Tell them that you are by their side and they have nothing to worry about. Report that bully to school authorities so he can be dealt with, and doesn’t bother anyone anymore.

Online Predators

Now that children have started to spend most of their time online, sexual predators have begun to actively look for them on the web as well. They are always on the hunt for complacent kids and as soon as they find one, they try to get in touch with them in any way possible. They appeal to kid’s interest to lure them, and to make themselves seem even more interesting, they make up stories. Kids being kids fall for them and end up becoming their friends. They chat up for a few days, and then all of a sudden, the online predator asks the children to meet them.

Mostly, kids just agree, but even when they don’t, predators keep persisting until they do. This interaction can lead to life-long problems, which is why you need to stop these types of people from entering your kids’ life and that can be achieved rather easily through parental controls. These tools allow you to see communication happening on your child’s device and if you see that they are talking to someone who seems fishy or older, then you need to conduct your own research about them. If they are indeed involved in predatory activities, then you will be able to find out about it and deal with them before they have a chance to bring any harm to your children.

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