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What Exactly Does IT Support Entail?

Most of us think of IT support as fixing a broken office PC, which would be correct, yet there’s so much more to this thriving sector. Every organization is in need of IT services to some degree and in this article, we offer a breakdown of the various managed IT services you can find with an experienced IT support company.

What Exactly Does IT Support Entail

  • Hardware support – We all know unpredictable computers can be; office PCs quickly become cluttered with invalid registry entries that slow down performance and that dreaded blue screen is never a welcome sight. Then that expensive laser color printer suddenly dies! This is when your IT support in Tampa comes into play. Whatever the issue, a technician will have you up and running in no time and in many cases, remote support is possible.
  • Setting up a cloud network – It makes perfect sense to migrate to the cloud and your local managed IT services provider has all the cloud solutions. They can digitalize all your paperwork and everything is accessible by authorized personnel, from any location using any digital device, which boosts productivity and keeps everyone on the same page. An employee in New York can update a file for a colleague in Florida and with real-time updates, your employees are well-informed. Talk to a local IT support company and let them show you how the cloud can help your business.
  • Internet telephone – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gives you real-time video calls and there are no by-the-minute charges, as you are not using telecommunication networks. Zoom is just one of many VoIP platforms that businesses use to communicate and you can call any landline or cell number. Video meetings save you both time and money; you no longer have to fly the managers to Tampa, you can enjoy video conferencing, which comes with powerful features. Here are some tips for successful branding.
  • IT consulting – As a business grows, so does its IT resources and without some professional guidance, you could easily spend thousands of dollars on soon to be obsolete hardware. Designing your IT infrastructure enables you to grow and your IT support partner can assist you in many ways.
  • Cyber-security – The world of cyber-crime involves hackers stealing business data, which they might ransom or sell to a competitor and you need the best protection, regardless of your industry. Networks with inadequate protection can easily be breached by an experienced hacker; they send bots onto the web to search for unprotected networks and if they find a weakness, the hacker is in and out without you ever knowing.

The great thing about IT support is that it can be tailored to suit the business; whether a fast-food outlet or a haulage company, you can get the best out of IT by joining forces with an IT support provider in Tampa. You have absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain by enlisting the help of a managed IT services company, who have all the IT solutions.

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