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How to Organize a Women’s Day Webinar

Webinars are quite a rage, especially in this post-covid era. Everything is moving online and the demand for webinars is growing as well. They’re entertaining and offer a good way to find leads. However, the huge number of webinars increases competition. This is why organizing and promoting a Women’s Day webinar is tougher than ever.

How to Organize a Women’s Day Webinar

In this article, we’ll explain how to organize a Women’s Day webinar and ensure it goes well.

#1 Decide on a Topic

The first step is to come up with a topic. Merely telling people you’re gonna talk about Women’s Day is not enough. Concentrate on something specific such as the role of women in science or how the consensus is changing. Some niche topics such as ‘Why supporting women to realize their aspirations matter’ and ‘Creating a female-only community’ can also be good.

Your topic should be exciting and something people would like to hear or talk about. Do not shy away from controversial topics if you have speakers who can handle the heat. It might be a good idea to do some research and see what’s in and what’s out when deciding a topic. Sticking to current events can help attract more people.

#2 Decide on a Format

Once you have finalized the topic, it is time to think on a format. Are you going to have one or multiple speakers? Will it be an interview styled webinar or are you going to have moderate panel discussions?

The right format depends on a variety of factors such as your topic, speaker, and duration. An interview-styled format works best when your speaker is well known and has knowledge to share. Search the web and understand the types of questions listeners would like your guest to answer.

A panel discussion is best when the topic can go in any direction and you have experts with varied opinions.

#3 Finalize Speakers and Team

Now that you have a format, you can move to find speakers. In some cases, you could first make a list of potential speakers and then think of a format. The speaker should ideally be well-known but it’s not always important. He or she should, however, be knowledgeable with a good understanding of the topic.

In addition to speakers, you must also work on building a team as you may need some help organizing a Women’s Day webinar.

#4 Create Compelling Content

Next, it is time to decide what to talk about. Webinars are not always fully planned or scripted but you still need to be sure about what questions to ask and how to ask them. This is important because you can’t just sit there waiting to recollect your thoughts.

Create and stick to a plan. Content includes not just what you’re going to say but also what you are going to show. Take care of graphics as visuals are an important part of a webinar. Don’t go for plain and boring slides with a lot of text. Use creative ways to keep your audiences engaged.

#5 Pick a Platform

You can choose from a variety of webinar platforms including paid and free options such as Google+ Hangout and Skype. Each option comes with specific pros and cons. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a platform to host your Women’s Day webinar.

  • Cost and licensing type
  • Number of participants supported
  • Additional features such as screen sharing, slide sharing, and webinar recording
  • Ability to switch speakers
  • The option to ask questions

Google+ Hangout is one of the most popular options. It allows users to livestream in just a few minutes. You can even enable live chat and upload content on your YouTube channels for people to watch later. Plus, it is even free to use and has little to no learning curve.

#6 Finalize the Time and Duration

Your Women’s Day webinar does not have to be held on Women’s Day. You can plan it for any day of the month based on your schedule and factors such as the availability of your guests.

The date that you pick should allow you enough time to promote the event. Avoid public holidays and special events as people are usually busy during festivities and might not be able to tune in to your webinar. Evening can be a good option since most people are busy in the morning.

Also, select the during with care. Webinars can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Don’t go for a show too long or too short. Discuss this factor with attendees and find a sweet spot.

#7 Start your Promotions

You will have to start marketing the event once you have finalized all other factors. Since it’s a virtual show, we suggest that you use online marketing tools like social media marketing and Google Adwords.

Consider working with influencers who share the same audience. They can advertise the show on their social media handles and have more people take notice. This can be done by creating graphics that can be shared by you and others. You can use Women’s Day poster templates for this purpose. Graphics need to be attractive and informative. Make sure to mention all details including the date, time, topic, and names of speakers on promotional material.

This is all you need to know about organizing a Women’s Day webinar. Plan today and don’t forget to double check everything so that there are no issues on the day of the show.

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