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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mattress Toppers

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep and this means we need a comfortable mattress and although the one we have may have been great at first, in time it becomes more and more uncomfortable, especially if it’s a spring style mattress.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mattress ToppersAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Mattress Toppers

Even so, you may be reluctant to get a new mattress because it’s very expensive and possibly out of your budget. A great alternative is to get a mattress topper instead of purchasing a full mattress set. Take a look at Walmart mattress topper reviews to find the perfect one for you.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Firm mattress toppers.


The biggest reason people want to get memory foam is because of how comfortable it is. If you start losing sleep because your mattress isn’t comfortable or it causes you to have neck or back pain in the mornings then it’s clearly time to resolve the issues with having an uncomfortable mattress. Here you can review the best mattresses for back pain. A topper for your mattress can be a great choice and offer similar comforts when compared to a new mattress. These toppers come in different thicknesses to allow you to choose which is more comfortable for you.


A new mattress along with its accessories is expensive and possibly out of your budget. This makes a topper a great alternative and something that’s less expensive. It will fit on the top of the mattress you currently have and will give you all of the advantages that you would expect from a memory foam mattress without having the high cost of a whole new mattress with accessories.


The whole purpose of memory foam is that it adjusts to your body which will give you greater support and help you get a great nights sleep. These toppers will support your body while working with the mattress that you have. This means that at important pressure points on your body that may have been getting sore will be supported with the memory foam. The topper will provide added cushion and support so that you do not get sore.


One of the disadvantages of this choice is the fact that the topper is not as durable as a new mattress. The memory foam will start to lose some of its elasticity over time and in some cases may begin to smell. Issues like discoloration and smell can be largely remedied by using a mattress pad over the topper. The biggest drawback in this regard is the fact that although the topper is less expensive it won’t last as long and will need to be replaced more often. Still, it’s a good choice to solve the immediate problem for a cheaper price.

Less Help

A topper in many ways offers the same comfort as a quality mattress does without the high cost but it doesn’t offer as much help. If you’re putting it on top of a mattress that’s in very poor shape or that has springs poking out then the condition of the mattress may be so bad that the topper doesn’t help as much as you would hope. You will have to determine whether or not the condition of your mattress is such that the topper can give the added support needed or if the mattress is so far gone that it needs to be replaced.


The fit itself may not be perfect because it’s not part of the mattress. In fact, when you buy the topper it will appear to be much smaller than your bed. The instructions say to pull the foam until it fits your bed correctly. This process requires that you’re careful so that you don’t rip the topper. This process will not get your new topper to fit the mattress exactly and there will be some gaps near the edges of the bed. The topper will sometimes slide and make it necessary to reposition it.

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