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Celebrate Happy Colorful Holi 2024

There’s one festival that I never ever like to miss, and that’s Holi! The festival of colors and happiness is here. With less than a week left for the festival, the celebrations are in full swing! I have to say, with so many preparations to be done, I am literally out of my mind! And because I will be hosting a Holi party for my friends, I was even more scared To calm me down, my husband asked me to make a list of all the necessary items, to avoid last minute panic!

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Firstly, I had to make a guest list, so that I don’t miss out anyone! It is important to send out invitations before the D-day arrives. Apart from sending out the invitations, the other important thing is to rent out a huge space. Even if 60-70% of the guests turn up, you will need to plan out a huge area. So, when I created my guest list, there were nearly 75 close friends and relatives who were included. We rented a huge bungalow with swimming pool, for our party.

Once the list was in place, the other thing was to zero down on a dress code. I wanted all my guests to feel comfortable and look in sync. Like the traditional Hindu tradition goes, White was the color that was finalized. All my friends could turn up in anything they loved but only in white color!

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What is holi without fun music? My biggest challenge was to arrange for a DJ for the party because almost all of them were already running full. So, I decided to go off-beat and arranged for traditional musicians for the event.  These musicians were well-versed with all the folk songs and also the Bollywood numbers.

Next on my list was the food. All of us agree that the reason we celebrate Holi with full energy is because we get to eat amazing food on that day! Apart from sweets, some spicy delicacies are also going on my food list this year. So, there are few sweets, spicy snacks, and also tasty main course. Most of us cannot have fun without having a little bit of the traditional bhang. So, although I myself dislike tasting it, I kept the option open for my guests.


When we discuss bhang, we also consider serving coolants like milkshakes and lemonade! If you are looking to add a modern twist to this festival, you can get a range of drinks i.e. wine, beer, and the like, on your menu. If you don’t want to go full-fletched on hard drinks, try adding a few cocktails to the menu.

Last but not the least, colors! To avoid ruining anyone’s skin, I ordered a lot organic colors. I decided to keep plates of dry colors all over the lawn area, so that guests can easily access them! Most people enjoy getting wet on the day. To avoid water wastage, I booked the place that was equipped with a swimming pool. If anyone wishes to have fun in water, they can take a dip in the pool.


Phew’ this list makes me panic even more! While I make my arrangements for the day, you all enjoy the festival of colors. Happy Holi!

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