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Understanding The Duties Of A Hospice Nurse

People who are ill and there is no cure for their diseases. Such people are left with little time in their life and to make that time better, a hospice nurse is hired for these people. Either patient is admitted to a place where they can spend their last few days in peace and their hospice nurses take care of them. Or sometimes, these nurses go the home of the patient to look after them. Hospice nurses are of a kind and caring nature as they have to make their patients pleased so that they can spend their last days happily and comfortably. Global health education tries their best to give a reliable platform to these hospice nurses so that they get trained properly.

Understanding The Duties Of A Hospice Nurse

Different Roles of A Hospice Nurse:

1. Admission Nurse:

First of all, patients come in contact with the admission nurses of any hospice organization. In this way, hospice nurses provide proper guidance to the patients and their families about the care and the facilities provided by that hospice organization. Admission nurses work on the details of the patient and try to get information or guidance from the doctor of the patient. To decide either the patient is competent for taking hospice care, they also decide about the supervision strategy for the patient.

2. Case Managers:

The case manager nurses of any hospice care organization manage the directions of care. And coordinate with the team to make sure that proper care is provided to the patient. The case manager hospice nurse allocates the resources and also formulates a plan for proper care of the patient. And defines that plan to the whole hospice care team. They even decide what type of counseling should be performed to the family of the patient after the death of the patient. Hospice nurses are paid different salaries according to their work and a case manager hospice nurse salary is more as compared to other nurses

3. Visit Nurses:

Visit nurses are as supplementary to the case manager nurses. Their work is to check up the daily routine care activities. And can also provide occasionally wound care or even taking care of the medication.

4. Triage Nurses:

Whenever there is a home emergency and you need a caretaker immediately, triage nurses are available for you. When there is an emergency call, triage nurses try to assess the problem and understand what kind of care is needed by the patient. They also inform the case manager as well as the physician in as of any immediate visit. They are trained to properly understand the typical situation and solve it without panic.


These are a few duties performed by these hospice nurses. If we take a look at these nurses, they try their best to provide proper care and help to the patient so that their last days could be spent easier. Whether they are performing any part in the care, they always do it with full attention and calm nature.

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