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Get Ready for Summer Holidays: How to Choose the Most Comfortable Car for Long Trips

Sometimes, when buying a car, you can trust your emotions rather than logic. But when it comes to long trips, choosing a model requires a practical approach and common sense so that the car can bring comfort and pleasure to a road trip regardless of the miles you will have to cover.

Summer Holidays

Main selection criteria

It is hard to compile an uncontested and only true rating of cars suitable for traveling. However, it is still possible to set a direction for a well-thought decision. To begin with, you can look at the list of the safest cars in 2024 because, on a long trip, this factor may be decisive. In addition to safety, it is worth considering the following parameters:


Think about the space you need. Do you plan to sleep in your car or put up a tent nearby? If you need a large car, will this affect, for example, off-road capabilities? And if you want to add additional equipment to the roof, will there be any problems with driving under low bridges or into underground parking lots? Do not forget that the larger and heavier the car, the higher the fuel consumption, the more expensive it is to wash, and sometimes even park.

Load Capacity

Decide what demands you have for a car: how many people it should accommodate and how much luggage you need to take. Will it be necessary to install a box or tent on the roof? Calculate the approximate weight of the passengers and things and compare it with the vehicle’s carrying capacity. Overloading your car is not a good idea.


Make sure the seats fit you. Imagine sitting in an almost static position for several hours in a row. Where and how do your hands lie? How are the legs positioned? Do not neglect to test the comfort of the seats – this is a matter of well-being on a long journey and safety for each passenger.


Pay attention to the car’s lighting technology, even if you plan to make only day trips between hotels. There is always a risk of delays somewhere and getting to your planned stop in the dark or encountering bad weather along the way. The road should be well-lit so the driver does not strain the eyes and continues to follow the route without unplanned incidents. To choose the best headlights, check out the LED vs. Halogen guide.

Customization opportunities

Long-distance cars are doomed to upgrades. It is better to think through your needs in advance and explore modification options: organizers, cupholders, covers, curtains, bicycle racks, roof boxes, and protection for various technical components. Think of what could be helpful on a trip and whether it can be installed additionally. It would be nice to have the technical ability, for example, to tow a camper or a boat.

Which Body Type to Choose

To begin with, you may consider all-terrain station wagons. Such cars are not very popular in the US, but a wagon can be a pleasant companion on a trip because it can offer a large trunk combined with sedan-like behavior on the road. This body type is not an option for spending the night inside, but it is a good vehicle for high-speed travel on highways, serpentine, or dirt roads. The low height allows you to enter most underground parking lots and drive under low bridges, even with a box on the roof. Such cars are usually distinguished by protective black plastic around the perimeter of the body and increased ground clearance compared to their lighter counterparts. Most often, wagons also have all-wheel drive.

If you want to sit higher and see further, take a crossover. Many models have AWD, while geometric cross-country ability is often better than that of station wagons. Check the capabilities in advance, and remember that a crossover is still a compromise. The undoubted advantage of such a car is that there are many options on the market, and they are well-known in service stations: the problems are familiar, and spare parts are available.

You should take an SUV if you plan to consistently push through washed-out forest ruts, winding gravel serpentine, and dunes. Accessories and tuning components can expand the capabilities of these vehicles – it all depends on how far from civilization you want to go. The downside of SUVs is their low speed on highways, some difficulties in driving, and increased fuel consumption.

Pickup trucks are designed to carry cargo, but these vehicles are also suitable for traveling under certain conditions. Most often, the space for people in the second row, if there is one at all, is not the most comfortable. There is little legroom, and the back of the seat is almost vertical, but you can take several things that cannot fit in any other car. Plus, many studios create and sell motorhomes for pickups. The modules are built directly into the back of a truck. Inside, there can be a kitchen, a place to sleep for several people, a relaxation area, and even a shower – it all depends on the configuration of a particular option.

Vans are good primarily because they can take on board more than four people and quite a lot of cargo. And travelers will feel comfortable. Or you can go with a smaller group and expand the luggage space by removing the rear row. The interior has all kinds of pockets, drawers, shelves, dining tables, ports for charging gadgets, and other pleasant little things for life. Vans often boast interesting interior transformation capabilities and all-wheel drive.

For many travelers, campers are the number one choice for long distances. A camper van may offer several full-fledged sleeping places, a sink with a mixer functioning due to the built-in water tank, a stove for cooking, and much more. If this is the kind of car you dream of, then a good auto repair shop like Indy Auto Man in Indiana will be able to make your dream come true and customize the van to suit your needs.

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