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Ways to Monitor Your Employees

On a daily basis, effective managers look for ways to actively monitor their workers. This helps in identifying areas where there is wastage of time or resources. Any effective manager must successfully monitor his or her employees without negatively affecting any of them. Here are four ways that managers can use for effective monitoring.

Ways to Monitor Your Employees 

Defining Expectations 

The first step in defining expectations entails writing down your policies. After that, explain them to your employees using a handbook or guide. These policies must explain how, when and where to be followed and the consequences of not doing so. 

Secondly, you must ensure your employees are well informed of these policies. Inform them of any internet monitoring. Disciplinary guidelines must be followed. Employees should sign the documented disciplinary plans and take a disciplinary action in case of any failure. 

Keep your policies within reason. Avoid being too bossy for this can decrease employee morale. A little freedom will increase productivity. 

Assessing Productivity 

Make a habit of checking in on your employees. Planning for unscheduled visits and inspections might help in expressing your concern for a staff member who might not be serious with work. 

Enquire what an employee has been doing. Have regular conversations with your employees on how their work is going through. Evaluate their answers as you move on. 

Let employees keep records of their work. As you ensure documentation of their own work in logs, checklists or progress reports, inquire for proof of any described work in a report. 

Assess works in progress. For instance, follow data entries and evaluate entry timelines, accuracy, and whether guidelines given are adhered to. 

Ask others about employee interactions. However, you must do it with utmost caution to avoid misrepresentation of an employee by others like suppliers, customers and other employees. 

One way to increase the productivity of your employees is by making sure they’re in the office during working hours. You can set up systems to help you monitor their attendance. Their best attribute is that Intuitive Systems Deliver Accurate Attendance Data. 

Monitoring Online Activity 

The first step toward monitoring online activity is by choosing monitoring software. You can do so by setting up a complete system with a server. A cloud based service can be used where there is no IT staff to maintain the system. Have tracking system such as active track monitors. 

The other thing you need to do to monitor online activity is block harmful or inappropriate websites. Employers have the right to block some harmful websites that might not give productive operations to their employees. Block sites such as Facebook, Twitter, pornographic sites, hateful sites, or other websites, which do not relate to work. 

Setting up other types of monitoring 

Primarily, you need to record phone conversations. The good thing is that the Federal law allows it. Nonetheless, it’s only limited to business related calls and on suspicion of misconduct. Set up video surveillance. These are handy at discouraging stealing products by customers. Employees are also motivated to work more efficiently and diligently. 

Track your employees’ locations. You can track employee movements using apps such as Xora and Tsheets, through their smartphones. This must be done carefully as employees may sue their employers for breach of privacy. 

In summary, for your organization to be successful, monitoring your employees regularly is important. Doing so not only helps to meet the goals of your organization, it’s also handy at boosting their morale and improving their productivity. Employ the above tips to monitor your employees today.

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