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Warning Use Call-to-Actions in Email Signatures Properly!

Buy now! Hurry up! Save up to 90%! Everyone is already boring with such Call-to-Actions, isn’t it?

How to create CTAs which would be innovative, fresh and would still encourage people to purchase products?

Especially it’s difficult to write an appropriate CTA for email signatures. Why so?

Because it should be short, splashy and not annoying simultaneously.

Your email signature CTA should meet several criterias. You can them find below in this article.


15 – 25 symbols maximum. Remember, that your email signature is not a place for advertisement. It’s a tool which helps your subscribers to contact in a more fast and easy way. Don’t overload it with long sentences which describe very lucrative perspectives or huge discount sales. Give your customers just brief information about how he can benefit by doing something you want. That’s it.


Your CTA is not a teaser. Explain clearly what exactly you offer and how to get it. Provide your audience with step-by-step guide made of call-to-actions in the email. Your final CTA in the email signature should be like short and clear command to start doing all of that.


Any CTA should start with benefits for client. For example, to say “Click here to get smth” is not very efficient. It’s much better to say “Get smth – click here!”. Think about your customer first. And create CTA in the same way. Offer him something truly beneficial and only after he became interested provide him with the details how to become a happy owner of your product.

Explaining why exactly you

Email signature should stick in human’s mind. It helps to connect your service with your brand so that when person needs that he already knows whom to contact with. Detach yourself from your competitors. Show total advantages of your service. Describe what privileges your client gets by cooperating with you. That should be something really unique.

Since it’s quite hard to invent absolutely unique products and services it’s better to think about emotions. Make accent on impressions your clients feel when they enjoy your service. That may help to divide you and your competitors in the minds of your audience. And describe that shortly in your Call-to-Action.

With 1 or max 2 contacts

Are you proud of having plenty ways to contact with your customers? Several phone numbers, numerous social media, Skype, EMail, postal address? Good for you.

But don’t try to place all this information in your email signature. Give just 1 contact. Or 2. Not more. It should very easy to keep in mind information both about you and about the ways to contact you. That’s one of primary goals of efficient email signature. Find the most efficient email signature examples. You’ll see that most signatures have 1 or 2 contacts. Follow that example. And, of course, make experiments.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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