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Best Games For iPhone

Playing games on your phone can be a great way to unwind or pass the time during long lines or wait times. Whether you are an avid gamer, or are simply looking for something new, here are the top Apple mobile games:

Vikings: An Archers Journey: This game touches on Norse mythology and you will get to play a Valkyrie who must battle her way through the Underworld. Valkyries were fierce supernatural warriors who are best known for their blood thirst and their job of guiding battle slain heroes to feast the halls of Odin.

Games For iPhone

Deus Ex Go: Fans of Lara Croft Go have a new challenge. You play as a secret agent across fifty levels of fighting and puzzles. Once you complete the fifty levels, you have the option of creating your own and going interactive with other players.

The Binding of Isaac, Rebirth: If you like playing Legend of Zelda you are going to love this game. This arcade-like game follows a young boy who escapes being sacrificed by his mother and is full of fast paced action. The downside of this game is the five-dollar cost to download, but it may be well worth the price.

Horizon Chase: If you loved the classical racing games, or have just re-watched The Fast and the Furious, this game will be appealing. The game is easy to play and takes you through a variety of interesting landscapes.

Love You To Bits: If you are a romantic at heart, playing a human who is traveling the galaxy in hopes of reassembling his dismembered robot girlfriend could strike your fancy. The game has great art and puzzles along with a sweet storyline.

The above are just a few games to try while you are bored. Since a lot of these games contain sound, you should probably get a solid pair of headphones. Shop at the iPhone accessories store or at a store that is an Apple premier partner to get equipment that is durable and compatible with your iPhone.

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