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Top 8 Linux Distro For Gaming In 2020:

Linux has made a revolution in the world of gaming. There are millions of people using Linux currently in their day to day lives. Its innovation has led to the invention of Linux distro which is also known as Linux distribution. This is an operating system with a collection of software from the Linux Kernel.

Top 8 Linux Distro For Gaming In 2020

There are several Linux distros on the internet which you can easily download and install into your computer. Which can be the best one for you? The answer may vary from person to person depending on your OS and the purpose you use it for. Here is a set of 8 popularly used Linux distros among gamers. Choose the best Linux distro for gaming that goes hand in hand with the requirements of your Computer.

Top 8 Linux distro for gaming:

Before making your choice for the best Linux for gaming, ask yourself these three questions. This helps you reach out to the ideal Linux distro that you’re looking for.

1. For what purpose do I use my computer?

Not everyone uses a computer for programming. Know the purpose for which you use your computer and get the ideal one that suits your requirements. Here, the use is for gaming purposes.

2. How familiar am I with the technical stuff?

Make your answer clear for this question. If yes, you can go with any type of Linux. If not, you need to experiment with the ones that are easy to use. Not all Linux distros are user-friendly.

3. Is it for my business or personal use?

If you are looking for a Linux distro for personal use, you need not bother about the technical stuff. But if it is for your business, you definitely need to consider it.

Top 8 gaming Linux distros: 

Steam OS: This is a Debian-based Linux distro that has been updated to the 8th version. To install this Stream OS, your computer must have 4GB RAM and at least 200GB space on the hard drive. The speciality of this Linux distro is, it has an amazing feature to connect it with another computer on the same network. This feature helps you to access the game through that computer. Most of the Linux distros are open-source software. 

Play on Linux: With the other Linux distros like Steam OS, you can play games only on your Linux computer. With Play on Linux, you can play games on Windows computer too. Playing on this Linux distro is much easier compared to others making it a user-friendly one. You need not have the technical skills to handle this package of software. 

Lakka: This Linux distro is known for its portability. It is wonderfully made with a flexible architecture to help you handle it easily. You can connect this to your PC without having to connect the wires. It may cost a little high, but it’s definitely worth the money. You can set this up at ease and it is a user-friendly Linux distro. This is the best Linux distro for gaming. 

SparkyLinux Game Over: This is also a gaming Linux that is Debian based as that of the Steam OS. The recently popular feature of this Linux is the custom tool. It helps you to install web browsers through which you can play online games. If you wish to compete with other players online, SparkyLinux can be the best option for you. 

Ubuntu Game Pack: This Linux was invented by Ukraine. It gives you access to a number of games to your computer. It can also be used by Windows computers. You can optimize your games with this Linux. It gives you access to online games too as it supports Java and Adobe Flash. The disadvantage of this Linux is, it does not come with any pre-installed games.

The above five Linux distros are for gamers with some experience. These cannot be suitable for the first-time users. Here are some of the user-friendly Linux distros for first-time users. 

Linux Mint Cinnamon: This is a very fast Linux irrespective of your computer’s age. This Linux groups the software under categories making it easy to access. 

Ubuntu: This is one of the most popular Linux of all times. It is because of its convenient installation process and hassle-free command line. 

Zorin OS: Most of the people are Windows users and aren’t familiar with the Linux features. Zorin OS is the best option for new Linux users to get started.

Now, with so many options, it can be a bit difficult to choose one. But if you know what suits best for your gaming experience, the choice will get easy.

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