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Thinking Of Developing An App? Watch You For These App Development Trends

Are you planning to launch a mobile app for your startup or running business? Maybe you are an app developer trying to gain traction in app development and get new app ideas? Whatever your interest in mobile app development, this is one technology laden with opportunities.  To leverage the growth of apps, you have to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Thinking Of Developing An App? Watch You For These App Development Trends

Irresistible App Statistics

According to recent reports, mobile apps will generate $189 Billion in revenues by 2020. Another survey says internet users spend 90% of mobile time on apps. In 2018, research revealed that 21% of Millennials used an app more than 50 times per day.

Whether you are a mobile app developer or a business owner, these numbers should excite you. They highlight the opportunities available in app development.

If you want to develop an app that will sell, you have to know the best technologies to use. Likewise, you have to know which features to look for in an app for your business.

This guide explores some of the outstanding trends in app development that you should look out for in the industry.

Blockchain in App Development

Blockchain is the buzzword across the tech world and for many good reasons. You can track blockchain technology applications across multiple industries and that includes app development. Many startups and businesses have created powerful blockchain-powered apps, blockchain-based software solutions and smart contracts.

With this technology, it is now easier to develop Decentralized Mobile apps (DApp). This is the same concept that has made blockchain technology popular in cryptocurrencies. The technology is now in use with many payment apps as it provides safety during the transaction.

Some trends in the blockchain that will aid mobile app development include BAAS (Blockchain-as-a-Service), Asset tokenization, Union of Blockchain IoT, Trading on crypto-currency exchange, smart contracts development, Ricardian Contracts and Crypto space and gaming.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) For App Development

Artificial intelligence ranks as one of the most outstanding technologies over the last two decades. What appeared as technology only fit for concept shows is now being applied across industries.

Tech giants from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, and Intel to mention a few have invested heavily in AI. The AI market will hit $47 billion by 2020, according to IDC. What’s more, the market will grow to $191 billion by 2025.International Data Corporation (IDC),

Many developers have tried deep learning and machine learning mobile app development. Combining the two technologies will give you valuable data and real-time analytics. Chatbots which rely on AI will become an integral feature on apps.  What’s more, AI will make apps smarter and will save developers a lot of time, effort, and money.

Other trends in AI that will aid mobile development include AI-enabled chips, AI automated DevOps through AIOps and automated machine learning.

VR and AR Deployment into Mobile Apps

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are among the most innovative technologies in the world today. Virtual reality redefines the world while augmented reality immerses users into any situation.

Development of games such as Pokemon Go, Dino Trek and Incell has made these technologies even more popular. Google and Apple have already started integrating AR capabilities in some of their apps.

AR will become essential in app development due to multiple applications in shopping, designing, gaming, education, advertising, translation among other areas.AR has become useful especially for e-commerce sites that want to be mobile friendly and leverage mobile traffic

Instagram and Snapchat have already integrated AR on their platforms to give users a better experience. This points to a major trend you should watch out for in 2020.

The arrival of 5G Technology

2018 and 2019 have witnessed a lot of talk about 5G technology. A lot of hype and expectation surrounds this fifth-generation cellular technology and with its arrival, mobile app development will also feel the effect.

Mobile developers will leverage faster and stronger technology to enhance the functionality of their apps. From speed, data security, augmented reality to 3D gaming, and other new features, 5G technology will revolutionize mobile app development. More users will also download apps and start using these applications.

Some features of 5G technology to look out for include 10x decrease in latency, more efficient signaling for IoT applications, 3X more spectrum efficiency, 100x more traffic capacity, and 100 x network efficiency among other amazing capabilities.


Well, this is not a new technology as it is already being used by industries such as museums, hotels, and healthcare. These wireless transmitters use Bluetooth technology to send signals. It is still a top mobile application development trend to look out for as it helps in location technology and proximity marketing.

Combining Beacons combined with IoT can help consumers with crucial information about ongoing promos. Other features in beacon technology include mobile payments beacons, automated machine learning, beacon treasure hunting and AI-enabled chips.

Promoting Apps

After development, you need to promote the app. How do you do that? You need to talk about it and maybe use influencers. You can hire a professional blogger for great content about the app.

Final Thoughts

App development is one of the fastest-growing industries and this is good news to both developers and business owners. If you are an app developer, learning these emerging trends helps you build high-quality apps. As a business owner, you also know the features to look out for in the app you wish to create for your business.

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