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Augmented Reality App And Mobile App Development: 5 Reasons Business Needs It

Since augmented reality app development has gained popularity, the applying of technology is happening in business of all kinds. Entrepreneurs consider it to be one of the most powerful tools to take their business to the new level. So how can AR be useful for a company’s success?

Augmented Reality App And Mobile App Development

  • AR Mobile App Development Increases customers loyalty

Standing out from the crowd is essential for business to prosper. Augmented reality app development company can help an entrepreneur to be in advance of the competitors by implementing innovations. After a developer creates an application that allows an object to come to an audience’s real world, users start feeling an emotional connection with your brand and it drives customer loyalty.

  • Augmented reality app development highlights best features

When it comes to increase sales, it is important to show a product you offer at its best. AR is more effective in comparison with a catalogue of the products’ photos. In this way mobile app developers can enhance customer experience by using the technology’s immersive capabilities to bring virtual objects into reality. Such an approach is already maintained by furniture companies, including Ikea and Wayfair, that allow their clients to see how a piece of furniture from catalogue will look at home.

  • AR Turns All New Promotion Ideas Into Reality

As augmented reality technology allows people to interact with your product before the purchase, it can be also used in advertising campaign. Not only retailers can promote products with the help of AR apps. As an example, Walmart Canada together with Nickelodeon managed to augment in-store experience to promote Ninja Turtles TV Show. Customers had to look for the signatures throughout the stores to play with the characters and daily shopping turned into a real adventure.

  • AR mobile app development company increases productivity

A company’s profit depends not only on sales, but also on streamlined workflow. Employees of various industries have to analyze large quantity of information, study extensive manuals, that is time-consuming. By means of АR mobile app development it is possible to increase productivity and faster the processes. A good example are applications for tablets used by Airbus to help technicians to inspect brackets on the Airbus A380 aircraft. The result turned out to be remarkable – the operation time has dropped from three weeks to three days.

  • Augmented Reality Apps are accessible for companies and customers

The benefits of augmented reality for business include the fact that it is more technically accessible in comparison with virtual reality. As AR is based on digital view of an environment, it can be created for any device, such as a smartphone and a tablet. Nowadays VR experience is only available by means of special hardware, such as VR headset. Also all the AR games, apps and SDK are easily distributed through popular app stores for both Android and iOS platforms.

When you decide to force AR into your business, it is important to obtain proper solution and well executed application to achieve above mentioned goals. Professional team of augmented reality and mobile app development company – can help you to take advantage of this immersive technology.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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