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Best SEO Tools for 2018

Best SEO Tools for 2018

Mastering SEO is not exactly easy, it takes time, practice and lots of error to figure out what works. Fortunately, a good set of SEO tools can make your life very easy. As a matter of fact, many of these tools are used by seasoned SEO experts who rank some of the most profitable websites on the internet. However, we don’t expect you to try every one of the tools listed below,but only ones that you think are needed starting out.

Great Website Analysis Tool

Ahrefs is one of the most highly recommended SEO analysis tools available today. Perhaps it is only second to Google when it comes to the number of website crawlers they have raking the internet. The tool’s ‘Site Audit’ feature goes through a website presenting you with every aspect that can be improved.

Additionally, it also offers excellent competitor analysis, keyword research,and backlink analysis. If there is one tool a beginner should get it is this one. Perhaps the only issue for most people will be the tool’s high price.

Website Marketing Tools

SEMRush is one of the leading online marketing tools that also doubles as being beneficial for SEO. Experts can easily access their rankings and find new ranking opportunities. Perhaps the most popular and even arguably the most useful is the ‘Domain VS. Domain’ feature that allows you to compare two websites side by side. So, you can compare your website against a competitor and figure out what they are doing differently and perhaps mimic that.

Another tool worth mentioning here is Moz. Moz’s set of SEO tools continue to be updated with Google’s latest updated algorithm. That allows SEO experts and regular people to figure out how their website will do with the latest algorithm update and make the required changes before it is too late.

The free MozBar toolbar allows you to store page metrics from any website. For a content marketer, this is a treasure trove of information which can be helpful when trying to gear their own content towards the same audience.

SEO Content Creation Tools

Tools like ‘Answer The Public’ enable you to find topics that you can write about based on your niche keywords. You can use this tool when you either run out of ideas or when you need to figure out what the competition is doing to rank well.

The tool is free to use and covers everything from Yoga to car sales and SEO. You can also use this tool to find opportunities to post a featured snippet. The list of ideas can be downloaded and saved or sent to a freelance writer. All of this takes less than 5 minutes.

Another great content creation tool is AppSumo. The tool is free to use but only to a certain extent beyond which you need to pay. Like ‘Answer The Public,’AppSumo will present you with a search results type list of all the content based on the keywords you enter.

You can then sift through to content to get ideas. The list can also be helpful for anyone who wants to implement the Skyscraper content creation technique on their website. Though either way, the results are accurate because they are sourced from mainly blogs within your niche.

Rank Checking Tools

Even though Ahrefs and SEMRush do offer some rank tracking abilities, they still lack some features. Perhaps the most evident is that a website’s ranking is not immediately updated. That said if you’re looking for the best rank tracker software you can’t go wrong with Serpbook. It is a specialist rank tracking software, that’s fast, accurate and updates almost immediately. It is used by many SEO agencies and is the go-to report tool.

Serpbook offers features like local tracking, live updates of your rank, keyword management, and single click report generation amongst others.

Find and Eliminate Duplicate Content on Your Website

All professional SEO services know that duplicate content can kill your rankings. As a matter of fact, Google may even sandbox your website if there is too much duplicate content. So, the first thing you should do when taking on a new SEO project is to scan for duplicate content. That’s where we recommend using

It is a tool that instantly analyzes your website for all forms of duplicate content. Plus, it finds and reports broken links, average page speeds, and internal link density,etc. Additionally, it also compares your website to others who have used this tool to provide a comparison report of where you currently stand.

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