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Technical Research Paper that Changed the World

Many inventions you see today came about as a result of research and proposals submitted by scholars. There have been many research papers that have impacted the world positively that one would need to refer to for inspiration.

Technical Research Paper

One of the research papers that changed the world was written by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, titled “The Anatomy of Large-Scale Hypertextual Search Engine.” This paper marked the birth of Google and described the way the new search engine would operate to give people easier access to relevant information on the internet.

Google has changed the world and is now considered the go-to search engine whenever you want to find information. It is used by students, experts, marketers, and people who want to learn about different topics, and besides offering search services, that company has expanded to provide marketing and email features, which are among scalability solutions discussed in the research paper.

You can look at other examples of technical research papers that also changed the world. One that you could consider is the paper entitled “Xeb and the Art of Visualization” written by Paul Barhan, Ian Pritt, Boris Dragovic, Steven Hand, Alex Ho, Keir Fraser, and Rolf Neugebauer. It offered ideas about lightweight hypervisors, and this made it possible to build more lightweight machine monitors.

Summary of the Paper

This paper provides a concise structure of the Google search engine. It talks about the initial prototype of Google and also highlights the challenges of scaling the search engine that the company would have to address, particularly coming up with a technology that would make it easy to handle datasets.

When the paper was published, the focus of Google was to improve the quality of web searches. The company would take advantage of link data that is embedded in web pages as a way to calculate the relevance of a page.


Google observed that the link graph available across the web was a valuable resource that could be utilized for ranking web pages based on quality. The company employs different links pointing to a web page to approximate the quality of the page. This research paper outlines all the ranking factors that would be included and also gives room for additional customization of the search algorithm to improve how users access the information they want to see on the internet.

Many students who are pursuing college education now will find this idea amazing. Some of them will feel that it’s good motivation to also come up with something that could change the world. There are many solutions you could utilize to come up with a paper that will help to address a problem. All you need is to have the idea then you can find research papers for sale to add more knowledge to the writing process of your paper.

The paper goes on to address crawling and data handling including indexing and big files. The Google search engine, as described in this paper, would consist of an algorithm that would crawl the web and download pages of websites found. These pages would then be added to an index along with the source URL and a unique ID. The information would be useful to allow users to find results quickly.

One of the most impactful research papers in recent times was written by Lawrence Page and Surgey Brin. This paper addresses the architecture of the Google search engine and offers a comprehensive preview of the way Google would function to provide results to searches made by users. Google has grown to become an impactful tool in the access to information, all thanks to the ideas raised in this paper.

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