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The Top 5 Security Features You Need To Use On Your Car

Car theft is on the rise with a new insurance claim being made in the UK approximately every six seconds and it seems that the more vehicle manufacturers are improving anti-theft technology; the more ingenious ways thieves are finding to get around them. Even keyless cars aren’t safe with criminals often working in tandem using devices that scramble the signals and enable them to take the vehicle.

The Top 5 Security Features You Need To Use On Your Car

Protect your assets

Vehicle theft not only impacts negatively on the price of insurance premiums but causes huge distress and inconvenience to the owner. A car is often a big asset; second only to your home. No matter whether it’s an expensive sports car that’s your pride and joy or a cheap family car used for the school run and ferrying the kids around, there are ways that you can go about to protect it as much as possible.

Find your anti-theft solution

We all want our vehicles to be safe and protected; providing ultimate peace of mind and assisting in making a dent in car crime. This can be achieved using a range of different devices currently available on the market but your recommended go-to solution will usually be a car tracker.

Car trackers

As well as providing additional security, car trackers also enable you to monitor the daily activity of your car through a GPS operating centre running 24/7. In the event of your treasured possession being stolen, a tracker will mean your vehicle can immediately be recovered where the relevant authorities will be contacted in the event of a genuine theft. You have the option of choosing a hardwired or magnetic option – both connect wirelessly to your computer, laptop and smartphone so you can not only monitor your tracker in real-time but also view any previous tracking history that will show you exact dates, times, locations and speeds the vehicle has done.

It can often seem that car trackers are available in a bewildering array of options and so it is best to buy from a professional, experienced outlet. Trackershop advises that there are 5 security features you must have to ensure the optimum protection for your vehicle.

1. Remote engine immobilisation

This is authorised by the police and will mean that the vehicle engine is stopped so that your vehicle can quickly be recovered.

2. Encrypted DRS fobs

These are additional security devices that work in addition to your keys. If your vehicle is driven without the DRS fob present then you will receive an immediate alert.

3. 24/7 global telemetrics centre

There is no use having a tracker fitted if a watchful, all-seeing eye is not going to be trained on your vehicle! Ensure your tracker is linked to an approved centre where you can be instantly alerted to any suspicious activity.

4. Battery disconnect alerts

This instant notification will prevent anyone from tampering with your car without your knowledge.

5. Motion sensing alert

When your vehicle is parked on a public street it is especially vulnerable to theft. A motion-sensing alert will monitor for and detect any unauthorised movement and use.

A high-quality tracker will also come with features such as back up battery and low battery text notification as well as a warranty to cover any unlikely faults and there is no need to worry if you swop or change your vehicle as your tracker can be quickly and easily fitted to a new one. A tracker ultimately enables you to both drive and leave your car with confidence; knowing it is securely protected 24/7.

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