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Grandstream WP820 IP Phone Dubai & Grandstream GXP1625 Dubai

Grandstream WP820 IP Phone Dubai

Technology changes bring ease in communication and reduce distances. Grandstream WP820 IP Phone Dubai is designed with high-quality supportive technology. It is a perfect option to take and move around easily. the phone if highly supported to the Wi-Fi with wideband voice codes. WP820 a line support android Wi-Fi supportive device.

Grandstream WP820 IP Phone Dubai & Grandstream GXP1625 Dubai

An overview of Grandstream WP820 IP Phone

Grandstream WP820 IP phone is a fully supported and advanced phone. It makes usage easy for users with highly modified SIP protocol. Its software design support and meet today’s requirement of communication. A perfect add-on for business dealing. Those who have to be on traveling for business trips can have this to link.

WP820 fully featured phone for the users with flexibility. It is two-line Wi-Fi supported phone with a wireless dual-band. Its innovative antenna makes it perfect for the roaming. A perfect designed phone with a color 2.4-inch LCD screen. Now you do not have to restrict your communication during traveling or working. With a high-quality roaming, the facility has your business and your phone system.

It has an advanced feature system to control the noise and offer voice clarity. You can experience the super HD quality voice with the Opus Codec and G.722 codec system, that can manage the Wi-Fi coverage to avoid the problem with low voice quality and coverage.

Highlighting features

With the Grandstream WP820 IP Phone you can experience high-quality voice coverage and continuous Wi-Fi connection. With this the device offers multiple other features:

  • HD color screen with a 2.4-inch display
  • Dual SIP account availability
  • Call history backup
  • Wi-Fi coverage
  • Android software
  • Navigation buttons
  • Call forwarding/waiting/ transferring feature
  • Dialing and redialing
  • Phone book with 500 number capacity
  • Online configuration setting
  • Computer Sync option
  • Blocking caller ID
  • Conference call
  • Speed dialing keys up to 99
  • SIP supported
  • Caller tones
  • Offer vibration/silent setting

Why get this?

Grandstream offers the best communication and voice quality experience. Now, you can work and communicate at the same time. WP820 offers the perfect Wi-Fi coverage with any of the networks. You can simply connect it with the nearest connection and remove it with a quick button feature. If you set and save the particular setting the phone automatically connects with that network if it is in range. Grandstream offers the best additional features of conference calling that make it perfect for business usage. You can have three participant conference communication. It offered the streamline phonebook, dialing calls, voicemails, laud speakers and multiple other functions with the quick button.

The phone is perfect for business use. Usually, at commercial places like hotels, hospitals, and other offices it considered best for communication. Its specialized Wi-Fi coverage offers full support in the area where the probability of the week signals.

Just for the voice clarity, Wi-Fi coverage and support it is perfect for business use. Grandstream WP820 IP Phone is supported with voice clarity, flexibility usage, and communication. That’s why it is a preferred choice of the customers.

Grandstream GXP1625 Dubai

Communication tools make things easy and quick for the business as well as for personal usage. Grandstream GXP1625 Dubai a perfect phone for business usage. Whether you need to fix the phone for the office, warehouse or the enterprises, it offers the best IP phones for the communication. GXP1625 is the best handset with Linux technology offers a high-quality call conference. With multiple languages easy to dial keys offers the solution of best dialing with high-quality voice clarity a perfect add-on for the business.

About Grandstream GX1625

Are you looking for an office phone setup? Grandstream GXP1625 offers multiple user-friendly features with quality and durability. It is easy to use for the user with a 132×48 screen display that provides a clear visual display. The multiple language keypad dialing offers an easy to a dial-up solution. Moreover, with the features it covers the cost concerns better to provide full support.

Attractive features

With Grandstream GXP1625 you can get the high-quality audio, LCD shows the number and soft dialing pad make it user-friendly. Here are multiple other features offer the support in easy to communicate at the office:

  • Dual-line keys
  • Dual SIP accounts
  • Offered triple conference call
  • High-quality audio with voice clarity
  • LCD with 132×48 backlight display
  • Multi-language dialing pad
  • Quick laud speaker button option
  • Maintain more than 200 phone call records
  • Save 500 contact at dial book
  • POE integration
  • 10/100 Mbps ports with dual switches

Why choose this?

When choosing the phone for the business need, the first most consideration is cost. Grandstream GXP1625 IP Phone cost-effectively offered full communication support. It offers clear voice coverage for the communication, easy dialing solution, and 3 ways conferencing solution. With a multi-language dialing pad, you can easily make the dial-up and its conference program offer communication between three at once. GXP1625 can be the option to have in the office, warehouse, hospitals, schools and any other place. With backlight LCD you can have a clear view of the numbers.

In the wired phone option GXP1625 is the best affordable option. For all the in-house communication solutions Grandstream this option will offer the excellence backup.

Grandstream commercial phone choice

Grandstream offers the featured phone variety that is perfect for business use. they offered the wireless, wire phone with the high-quality voice clarity and best conferencing devices. Usually, the devices are designed to offer business communication easy. you can install them in small companies or large enterprises.

Grandstream WP820 IP Phone & Grandstream GXP1625 offered in-house and traveling communication coverage at affordable rates. While moving have WP820 IP Phone that offered the Wi-Fi linking and high-quality audio responses. With the flexible features, it makes it appropriate to have during traveling. But if you are looking for the in-house installation then GXP1625 is the perfect phone. It addresses all your dialing & communication by offering a more user-friendly experience. So, make the right choice to support communication in business.

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