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Prevalent Challenges In The Renewable Energy Sector In India

India is still a young country compared to other developed nations and is still in its developing stage. We have only recently started viewing renewable energy sources as viable sources.

Prevalent Challenges In The Renewable Energy Sector In India


This does not come without hurdles. We have overcome a lot of them, but some are yet to be tackled. Here some of these problems, which are hindering the path of clean energy, are listed. A recent study by researchers at Live Casino Betway have shown the following trends.

The initial cost is very high

When a renewable power plant is set up, high prices are involved, which is not the case for their non-renewable counterparts. A lot of investment is required.

For instance, in the case of coal, a starting investment of RS. 6 crores per Megawatt is required for 25% utilization. However, for solar energy, 18 crores per megawatt are necessary for 15% utilization. So, an investor will think twice before investing in solar energy but not so for coal energy.

Depends on the weather

An energy source can be unreliable if it relies too much on external factors. This problem arises in the case of renewable energy. It is very dependent on the weather outside.

For example, wind energy turbines won’t be of much use on a day when there is less or no wind. They require favorable conditions. Otherwise, they are just a liability. Solar energy also becomes infeasible on rainy and cloudy days.


For setting up renewable energy plants, a large area is required. They occupy large regions of space over vast lands. So, it becomes a cumbersome task to find these isolated locations, which can help produce energy.

When the distance between the source and the energy grid is incremented, a significant effect on the efficiency is felt. Also, land acquisition is another headache for setting up the plants.

Needs storage facility

Renewable energy is unreliable due to many factors. Sunlight is not available twenty-four hours a day. Some energy needs to be stored for backup for the time when that energy will be required. A distribution grid is necessary so that the produced electricity can be allocated to various users.

The girl needs to have storage and back-up facilities for smooth energy supply. This, in turn, drives up the cost of maintaining a renewable energy source. After all, you can not have sunlight at night.


This point may be surprising. If renewable energy is polluting, then their whole point is defeated. After all, renewable energy is promoted because of its ability to guide us towards a green future. It is less polluting than its non-renewable counterparts but is polluting nonetheless.

Take biomass, for example. Plenty of waste products are burnt when producing biomass. This releases carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. Other technologies like distribution, transport, etc. also contribute to various forms of pollution.

In the end, it may be concluded that nothing comes with drawbacks. We have to try our level best to eliminate these challenges to achieve a greener future. For more information presented, colorfully, refer to the infographic attached.

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