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Best Office Gadgets To Aid Your Creativity

Doing the same old boring stuff each day can kill anyone’s creativity. The drab grey surroundings can take a toll on you and dull your mind which is why it is important to have a stimulating environment. Many companies achieve this by having a recreational room with PlayStation or board games like chess and Ludo. But alas, not all companies are willing to put in as much energy or funds towards their human resources. If you’re stuck in such an office, it won’t be long before you become just another cog in the machine. If your role requires creativity and new ideas, you’re done for.

Best Office Gadgets To Aid Your Creativity

Then again, a rec room is just not enough. If you need aid in getting your creative juices to flow, then we have the answers you seek. We’ve compiled a list of office gadgets that’ll aid your creativity and boost productivity.

R2-D2 USB vacuum cleaner

If you’re a Star Trek fan, this gadget is a must have. A lot of us like to munch on snacks while we work. It keeps us energized till we can go get a proper meal. On the downside though, it can leave a mess on the desk and a lot of us find cleaning to be a chore. It is for times like these that the R2-D2 vacuum cleaner comes in handy. You can easily charge it using the USB drive of your laptop and once you turn it on, say goodbye to the crumbs littering your work station. Its design, inspired by the robot in the sci-fi series Star Trek, makes it worth watching the machine in action. We’ve all dreamed of living in the fictional universe and this gadget takes you closer to it and on the way also gets your creativity to flow.

Bamboo Folio

Sure the digital age is promising, but nothing beats the charm of hand written notes. There is something about using a pen and paper that allows your mind to flow faster and better. However, these papers can easily tear. They are also vulnerable to water and liquids and if someone takes a pen to them, they’re as good as destroyed. In addition to this, carrying these papers everywhere is just not possible. Moreover, sharing your notes is not as easy, which is why you should consider using the smartpad and pen, Bamboo Folio. It digitizes your doodle and saves them on the cloud from where you can easily share them with people as well as access them on your phone, laptop or any device really. You can also search your notes to find the relevant ones with ease.

Multi Laptop Windows

Managing multiple projects can be a hassle. Keeping different tabs open and switching between them is time consuming, not to mention annoying. How can you think clearly and creatively without having all the information in front of you? Sure the information is there, just a click away, but it’s not in front of you. And, for those of us that are finicky it’s a real deal breaker. This is where Multi Laptop Windows comes in. It gives you two additional screens that you can attach to either side of your laptop screen. It’s a gadget many can appreciate. Working on excel sheets? This will help you navigate better. Editing videos? It’s a tool many would be envious of. Planning a marketing campaign? You will have everything you need in front of your eyes. You won’t need to open and close different tabs to find the one you’re looking for. It just makes it efficient and allows you to think better, a must buy for everyone.


We all remember the fidget spinner that was supposed to help relieve us from stress. Well, there’s a new guy on the block that offers to do the same and more. This cute cube is designed to help you focus. The small buttons and the thingamabobs on it help you channel stress and anxiety in a healthy way, boosting your productivity and letting your mind think. The next time you have a presentation, or any instance you feel like it’s getting overwhelming, take out this contraption and say adios to your worries.


This shiny silver button, placed on your desk, handles all the annoyances so you don’t have to deal with them. If you have friendly co-workers that distract you from work, this is what you need. It works as a do not disturb sign and so politely lets your colleagues know that you’re busy. By timing sessions, this gadget also helps you manage your time effectively and discourages you from multitasking so that your attention is focused on one task at a time. Some people think creatively in a noisy environment, others prefer silence to work on their masterpieces. If you belong to the latter group of people, Saent is the device for you!

MymanuClik Wireless Earphones

These days, a pair of Bluetooth headphones is part of the uniform. It helps you take calls with ease by freeing up your hands and without having to deal with pesky wires everywhere. But, this gadget goes a little further. Once you put on the MymanuClik Wireless Earphones, you’ll feel like Thor speaking all-speak. This device offers real-time voice translation in a whopping 37 languages! If you’re daily routine includes talking to clients overseas, or even suppliers that don’t speak your language, this will prove to be a God send. If not, this is still a nifty contraption. It can read out your emails and texts so your work flows smoother. This device is so cool, we’d say if you have some extra cash just go buy it for the fun of it!

Final Words

These gadgets are sure to spice up your boring routine. However, no matter how cool they may be, they cost you money and it is understandable why you wouldn’t be willing to spend on them: most of these are gimmicky. Some other alternatives could include games on your laptop or phone to get you through the day. But, if this is not possible, then of course the good old internet is still a good way to kill the monotony. The endless cat videos you get are always entertaining. All you need is good internet connection. All you need to do is visit charter spectrum dallastx to learn about all the deals and bundles and subscribe. Have a great day!

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