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The 10 Best Resistance Bands on the Market

Quarantine has made at-home workouts all the craze and necessary to maintain our sanity. There are so many advantages to working out at home. You can fit in a workout anytime it’s convenient for you as opposed to whenever the gym is open. You can save money by not having to pay gym fees and you don’t have to feel self-conscious because you are working out in the comfort of your own home! Another added benefit is you can find multi-purpose equipment like resistance bands that can work your whole body! Here are the top ten best resistance bands on the market today!

Best Resistance Bands

1. Kayezen Vector Resistance System

One of the best advantages of using resistance bands is that they are versatile and are well-suited for a variety of workouts. The Kayezen Vector Resistance System allows you to set your resistance weight from as low as ten pounds to hundred pounds! Another great feature is the performance training app. If you are new to using resistance bands or working out in general, it helps to have hundreds of exercise ideas at the tips of your fingers! The Kayezen Vector dial-in resistance tube system is top of this list because of its versatility, performance app, and easy-to-use design!

2. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

If affordability is high on your list when shopping for resistance bands, the Fit Simply has the set for you! Made from rubber, these heavy-duty resistance bands come in five varying levels. These resistance loop bands are great for strength training, physical therapy, or stretching.

3. Rogue Monster Bands

If resistance training is not new to you and you are looking to up your resistance band game then Rogue has the bands for you! The Crossfit sponsor and strength equipment manufacturing is not new to fitness and is a brand you can trust. The Monster Bands are designed for durability and versatility. These are resistance bands that you would find in a gym, so they are pricier than other resistance bands designed for individual use, but they are sure to last!

4. ELV Fitness Resistance Bands and Sliders Set

ELV Fitness Resistance Bands and Sliders Set are next on the list because this set comes with more than resistance bands. It has five varied elastic bands and two gliding discs. This set is designed for at-home workouts and on-the-go training. It’s perfect for dynamic workouts that tone and sculpt muscle! Its affordable plus tag is a plus as well!

5. Tone It Up Booty Bands

Booty gains are all the craze right now. Some people are even trying to cut corners and buy lifting leggings that give the appearance of a toner tooth. If you want the real thing, then try Tone It Up Booty Bands. The booty bands are specifically designed to lift and tone your backside!

6. SPRI Braided Xertube

SPRI offers a different kind of resistant band with their Braided Xertube. Its rope-like design makes it durable and perfect for dynamic or strength training!

7. Insonder Resistance Bands Set

One of the biggest complaints from resistance band using is that the poorly designed bands can pinch and rub your skin making workouts even more uncomfortable. Resistance Bands Set comes with five skin-friendly bands that range from fifteen pounds of resistance to forty pounds of resistance. It also comes with a workout guide. These bands are affordable and perfect to use anywhere!

8. Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

For those looking for a lower weight resistant system with lots of accessories and tools then Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set is perfect! The bands range from two pounds of resistance to thirty pounds of resistance. This set is perfect for rehabilitation or at-home workout beginners.

9. GoFit ProGym Extreme Reliable tube set

Now, this set is perfect for anyone just starting to work out at home! GoFit ProGym Extreme Reliable tube set comes with four rubber-resistant bands that range from twenty to fifty pounds, two attachable handles, two-door anchors, and two ankle sets, and a GoFit exercise guide. Resistant band newbies won’t have to fret about how to start their exercise regimen at home with these bands because everything is included and the guide walks you through the exercises!

10. TAIMASI Resistance Band Set

This set comes with everything you could need for resistance training at home! This is a twenty-three-piece set with everything from resistant loop bands, a jump rope, a headband, a cooling towel, and exercise bands!

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