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How to Better Understand Your Dog: The Best Dog DNA Tests to Try

You think you know your dog really well, but how well do you actually know them?

Just as more people are discovering their heritages through DNA testing services, histories — and sometimes futures —are being uncovered through a DNA dog test.

Best Dog DNA Tests

Such services offering comprehensive information about your best friend, everything from their genetic background to potential health risks — even outlining their personality quirks.

Here’s a look at some of the most effective dog DNA tests on the market today. Happy genetic hunting!


Embark was founded on science. Founders Ryan and Adam Boyko spent a decade traveling the world collecting dog samples and publishing studies on canines, and his company partners with researchers at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, one of the top veterinary schools in the country.

The result? A highly reviewed slate of testing kits, revealing breed health risks, traits, and diversity. A standard kit ranges from $119-$149, which requires one cheek swab to reveal health conditions and genetic mutations associated with disease, inbreeding measurement, coat and body traits, and more. There are even special packages to test an entire litter and to assess breeding outcomes.

Bonus: The breed and health kit, which outlines more than 200 health risks and more than 20 physical traits — even a family tree — is currently on sale for $159.

DNA My Dog,

A good pick for those on a budget, DNA My Dog’s $68.99 kit promises results in just two weeks but is a little more bare-bones than other companies. The results include a certificate with your dog’s unique DNA composition, personalized analysis of the breeds found in your dog’s DNA, a list of unique traits and genetic health issues, and illness predispositions associated with breeds.

It’s not as personalized and complete as some of the other dog DNA offerings out there, but it does provide an intriguing window into what makes your pup tick.

Bonus: The company offers a wolf and canid hybrid test to see if your dog has any wolf or coyote DNA ($89.99 which includes the standard kit).

Wisdom Panel,

Billing itself as “the world’s leading DNA service,” (which means it claims to be the highest rated on Wisdom Panel, which took 15 years to develop, offers two products: an “Essential” kit at $99 and a “Premium” kit at $159.

Both screen for more than 350 types of breeds, boasts 1% breed reporting precision, and tests for more than 35 traits. The “Premium” kit then kicks it up a notch, offering more than 200 health tests, a genetic diversity score, and even a veterinarian consultation for notable health findings.

Both tests, however, include key findings on such categories as drug sensitivities and immune system deficiencies, both important areas that can help guide nutrition and future veterinary care. Plus, who doesn’t think it’s cool to find out who your dog’s great-grandparents are?


Based in Australia and the United States, Orivet offers a range of products for dogs (and even cats). Canine products include panels for color and coat for breeders ($139.95), full breed profiles broken down by breed on the website (average $129.95), and individualized tests for specific diseases, anything from acute respiratory distress syndrome for Dalmatian-type dogs to May-Hegglin Anomaly for pug-type dogs ($45-$75).

Many are geared toward veterinarians, researchers, and breeders, but such tests may also appeal to owners who have very specific questions about very specific diseases their particular breed may be at risk of developing.

Other unique tests include gust microbiome analysis and one product, the PetPace Health Monitor, which offers real-time monitoring for a particular health condition your dog or cat may already have.

Whether you’re looking to get a glimpse into your dog’s family tree or receive an in-depth report on a specific genetic concern, a dog DNA test can help any owner receive an entertaining — and often enlightening — review of their dog’s exciting life and wellbeing.

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