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Managing Burnout And Stress in Surgical Practice

When it gets to be hard to imagine going to work another day, it might not be because you don’t like your job or need a change of career. It might just be that you’re suffering from burnout due to the high stress of being a physician. While a new career might be something to consider, there are ways to help reduce burnout and stress, enabling you to keep working a job you love without the downsides.

Stress in Surgical Practice

Change Location or Hours

A change of scenery or better hours can make a world of difference. If you’re working too many hours, you may want to learn more about how locum tenens works for surgeons and whether it’s the right option for you. Having a job that can change regularly or that you can change as needed can help reduce the stress and burnout, enabling you to enjoy working the job once more. 

Make Self-Care a Priority

Self-care is another way to help manage and reduce the stress associated with being a physician. Take time off to make sure you’re getting time to yourself, whether it’s a few hours on the weekends or a long vacation that’s way overdue. Try out different self-care strategies designed specifically to help reduce stress to see a reduction in burnout symptoms and to help you get back to the work you do. 

Look for Professional Development Opportunities

A change may also come through a lateral move in the workplace to a less stressful position or one that pays more so you don’t end up working as many hours. Look for any opportunities to work on professional development and see what might be a good fit for your current needs. It may be that there’s a job that’s a better fit for you, but you may need to focus on training and education to get the right skills to do the job successfully. 

Try Stress Management Techniques

Try out a wide range of stress management techniques to see what can help. From massages to meditation, there are many to try. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and exercising regularly to keep up with your physical health as well as looking for ways to get help with your mental health to reduce burnout at work. Take breaks when needed, find a hobby you can enjoy when you aren’t working, and make sure you have someone to talk to about anything. 

Access Mental Health Resources

Stress can exasborate or create mental health concerns, so it is important to reduce it when possible and to get professional help if needed. Keep your mental health in mind as you look for ways to reduce the burnout and talk to a professional if you are worried about the level of stress you experience from the job. 

Burnout is a problem today in the healthcare field, and physicians aren’t immune to it. However, though it is common, there are ways to combat it and to take more control over your life to reduce the stress associated with your job. Use the ideas here to start working on ways to reduce the stress, manage your life, and feel better about the job you do. With the right changes, it may be possible for you to fall in love with your job again and begin enjoying your work. 

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