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Surprising Things That Keep Your New Relationship Strong

If a spark ignites between people, which is considered a sign of true love, they joyfully sink into the sea of feelings. After the heart was broken, one or both understand that they were under a delusion, which was nothing but self-deception.

Any relationship is a war. And in war, a man should win. If a woman defeats a man, then she goes in search of a stronger one – a man who can defeat her and tame. How to win in love battles? First of all, open your eyes wide, think what you want from life, and get rid of stereotypes. Different tactics such as pheromones for men, buying impressive gifts, and others are used by men to attract girls. But it is not always easy. You need to delve a bit deeper. Here are some more unusual tips for dealing with women.

New Relationship Strong

  1. Don’t expect too much from a relationship

The reason for most frustration in a relationship lies in the fantasies of lovers. As soon as two people begin to date, they immerse themselves in their dreams. Lovers are waiting for a miracle in a new relationship. They dream of understanding, harmony, full sexual compatibility, a similarity of thoughts and goals. Lovers hope that this time everything will turn out the best way. They idealize a relationship and partner. This is the worst mistake that you can only imagine. Don’t expect much from a relationship and you will be surprised. This is the first advice of how to keep a new relationship strong. Thus, it may turn out that this new relationship through toronto speed dating is much better than you expected. A girl is more sweet, cheerful, and kind. She certainly is not perfect, but you don’t expect it from her. Everything will be much better and more optimistic.

  1. Don’t let yourself fall in love

How to keep relationships strong? Do you know famous folk wisdom: “Everything is simple in love – the strength is on the side of the one who doesn’t care”? Many men fall in love with a woman and start to conquer her. But keep calm. Yes, it is difficult and almost impossible. If you fall in love, then try to hide your secret. Get in touch with her, go on dates, give gifts, hug, and kiss, but don’t say that you love her. Until you confess your love, a girl is hooked. First, you should to intrigue a girl a little, and only then, you can give hope.

  1. Don’t dwell on sex

Sex is the most vulnerable thing for men. With its help, a woman manipulates a man and he himself makes rash acts. Sex is used as a lever of pressure and control. Try not to act with your desires and principles only for the sake of sex. A woman will use sex in a relationship, but try to minimize her desire to do this. She will tell you about normal attraction and sexual needs, hint about the impossibility of control, and so on.

  1. Learn to control your body

Scientists say that love occurs when pheromones are exchanged. If a woman’s body perceives pheromones of a particular man, her estrogen level rises, making her more responsive to courtship. In men, there is a similar reaction, but in their case, the main role is played by testosterone, pushing them to conquer sexual objects. So, how to keep your relationship strong? If you don’t want hormones to ruin your life, learn to control yourself and build relationships not only on instincts, but also on reasonable arguments.

  1. Get rid of unpromising relationships

How to keep a long distance relationship strong? You did everything you could, but nothing came out. Relationships are worthless and you feel worse every day. If a relationship doesn’t work, then end it. You need to go further in order to find happiness.

  1. Date different girls

When a man wants only sex, he is not picky and omnivorous. He can be happy with almost any woman. But when it comes to finding a serious girlfriend, a man becomes picky and scrupulous. Give girls a chance. Date with someone for at least a few weeks. Then you can easily understand what you want.

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