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5 Women You Should Not Have Sex With

Men love all women without exception. However, there are always girls who should be better avoided. Especially, if you just want to have sex. If you want to get away with a rainstorm, consisting of women’s dreams and not get involved in something wet and sucking, avoid these Valkyries. This list isn’t complete, but, anyway, you have to start somewhere.

Should Not Have Sex With

  1. Very insecure girl.

Confidence makes people much sexier. However, you can perceive insecurity as a sign that you will have to hold off on sex. Of course, there are men who like insecure girls and perceive them like Viagra. However, they are the minority. Others like much more emancipated young ladies who do not doubt themselves and who make it clear that they know their value. Such girls will not blush or drop the act when you ask them to go elsewhere. She will take a cocktail and go with you to a hotel without embarrassment. It is the best option for casual relationships. Talking about touchy and insecure girls, they perceive sex as a kind of confirmation of their own sexuality and the justification of existence. The problem is that they get attached very quickly, and it will not play into your hands. Such girls will not blush or drop the act when you ask them to go elsewhere or try using your sex toys from lovegasm to go fun with.

  1. Gold digger.

You do not have to be rich to attract people who want to take advantage of you. If she never offers to pay a bill and talks about her previous relationships as if she discusses transactions, then something is wrong here. Most likely, she uses you and your bank account, and it is not a fact that this self-serving relationship will end up in amazing sex. Usually, such women have an obscene value system. Sex is just a nice bonus for her or a way to get what she wants.

  1. Party girl.

“Party girls” were, are and will always be. Wine lovers have borrowed all the worst from them, and most often, they turn into these obscene women in the dead of night. This does not mean that all visitors of pubs and clubs are automatically branded with the dishonorable title. If a lady can have fun without getting stinking drunk, then everything is okay. And, of course, frivolous behavior cannot attract true men. In addition, it is never excessive to find out how old a party girl is, who knows what might happen.

  1. Girl who is too careless about protection.

Her sexual past is, in fact, not such a big problem. However, only if it does not bother you at all. Do not worry about how many partners she had before you. Anything can happen in life. You should worry if she never mentions protection or safe sex, especially when the degree of passion tends to a mark of 100. Of course, both sides should be responsible for their safety. You are not a young boy and should understand that you shouldn’t have sex with a stranger without a condom. If she does not worry about her health, then she doesn’t care about you either.

  1. Girl who has never been single.

Finally, you have a chance to seduce a girl who has been in a long relationship since the day you met her. You want her, wait for the very moment but something invisible holds you back, you don’t want to break someone’s heart. You see, people who are always in a relationship are often lost as individuals. If her personality has always been a part of the couple, then it is likely that she will cling to you and not leave. Are you sure you want to build a relationship with her? You do not know this woman. Very often, people in the relationship and after a breakup come in an unusual package, as if there are two different people. You cannot be sure that this, for example, Anastasia, will not turn into a dull hysterical woman, dreaming of a wedding. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to take risks, or it might be better just to find a one-night stand who wants to have sex and nothing more.

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