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How To Speed Up Your Mac – Full Guide

Even when spending huge money on your Mac, you might not get the speed as per your requirement and satisfaction. You may be facing problems of slow and sluggish speed and even stuck on some window. Here is the full guide on how to speed up your Mac.

How To Speed Up Your Mac - Full Guide

  1. Your Mac OS is Up to Date

Apple provides free OS updates and these can fix the glitches and bugs that slow down the speed of your Mac. There is no reason to use the old version and it is important to update your Mac OS. Here are the few steps on how to update your Mac OS.

  1. Locate the latest version of Mac that you require.
  2. Back up your Mac data.
  3. Click on the app store icon and select updates in the Dock. In fact, you can also select the Apple Logo at the top left corner of the screen and click software update from there.
  4. Search Mac OS and then download it to your Mac. Follow the prompts and then you can have the latest version of Mac.

    2.Clean up your Browser

It doesn’t matter what browser you are using from safari, chrome or opera, etc, you need to close the tab. The more tabs you are using the more memory it consumes and slows down the computer. It’s hard to believe for you so you can launch the activity monitor. Follow the path Macintosh HD> Applications> Folder of Utilities> Activity Monitor to check it. Thus you should close the unused tabs and clean up the cookies, cache and browsing history from your Mac.

  1. Clean up your Desktop

As compared to windows Mac has only one hard disk and usually, people put everything on the same disk. There is no worry that you can run out of storage in the C Drive and never think that it will slow down your Mac. Thus you should keep all the apps on the dock as items on the desktop also slow down your Mac. This is because Mac treats each and every item as the small window which required its own performance to boost. Here are the several ways to clean up your desktop.

  1. Remove the unused apps from the Dock. Select the app>Right click this app> Select Options > Remove from the Dock.
  2. Delete unnecessary files and put the valuable files into folders.
  3. Managing Startup Items

If your Mac is taking time to boot, then you should check the login items. It might have too many applications. They automatically added to login items when you install the applications and launch when you start your Mac. No doubt they will make your Mac slow. You can check these settings by following the path Settings> User and Groups> Current user> Login items> Select the items to be removed> click “-“ button.

  1. Turn off Visual Effects

Turning off visual effects is one of the greatest ways on how to speed up Mac. It looks pretty cool and surely be helpful. However, it consumes a lot of power and slows down the Mac. You can turn off by clicking System Preferences> Dock. Follow the path and uncheck the below boxes.

  1. Automatic Hide and show dock
  2. Magnification
  3. Turn of accessibility
  4. Animate opening applications

Minimize the window and change genie effect to scale effect.

  1. Disk Permissions

When you install the Mac, the files in the package arrive with the set of permissions and what can one do with specific files. These permissions are basically setting of the file to execute, read and write ability. Over the time these permissions get change which results in slowing down your Mac. The quick and easy way to remove this problem is open disk utilities by following the path Applications> Utilities. Select the startup disk and click the first aid tab. Then click the repair disk permissions and fix the files.

  1. Clean Mac’s Hard Drive

The cleaning of the hard drive is one of the important ways to boost the speed of your Mac. Go through the hard drive and simply clean everything that is slowing down your Mac. You should exactly know what is slowing down your device- the apps, logs, cache, larger and older files, hidden trash. There are many tools available which you can download and easily clean the hard drive using them up. These tools are helpful as they know which files to remove, where they are and how to eliminate them completely.

  1. Empty the Trash

You know that every file you clean or app you uninstall placed in the Trash. It is important to empty the trash regularly by cleaning it up and removing it completely.

These are the effective ways to improve the speed of your Mac. Follow them and have the great experience with your Mac.

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